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Suggested Reading: Joshua 11-12

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Tel Hazor is located on the site of the ancient city of Hazor (mentioned several times in today's reading). Hazor was located in the Upper Galilee, north of the Sea of Galilee, between Ramah and Kadesh, on the high ground overlooking Lake Merom (Joshua 11:5). It is the largest archaeological site in northern Israel, featuring an upper tell of 30 acres and a lower city of more than 175 acres. This photo is of the Solomonic Gate, dated to the 10th century BC. This gate has six chambers and two towers (1 Kings 9:15).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Joshua 11:15

As the Lord had commanded Moses his servant, so Moses commanded Joshua, and so Joshua did. He left nothing undone of all that the Lord had commanded Moses.

There are at least two ways to approach our readings. First, for inspiration, and second, for information. You’ve read under David Reynold’s picture some information about the city state, Hazor. According to 11:10b, Hazor was the “head of all those kingdoms.” Verse 13 mentions “their mounds,” or in modern times, they would call the mounds “tels.” The central public buildings were destroyed, or simply fell down with age, and the people would build on top of the rubble. This would result in a hill made up of the ruins of several cities. The people lived around the centre and their poorer houses are seldom found by the spade of the archaeologists, who have excavated Hazor and dated the main destruction by Israel in the late 15th century BC. Evidence of fire was found in several places.

So far, the blog is not too inspirational, but perhaps our key verse can inspire us to complete, no matter how long or how much effort it takes, the commitments we’ve made. The word “discipline” is from the same root word as “disciple,” “talmudim” in Hebrew. It means “student.” The Apostle Paul, a lifetime student and teacher, wrote to the young Timothy, encouraging him to “study” or “be diligent.” We might read for inspiration, 2 Timothy 2:1-15.


Lord God, I am confident that these stories of war are accurate as told. I’m thankful that the archaeological digs confirm that, for if the history is true, it follows that the inspirational messages are worthy of our respect also. Please grant that I will have grace to be and do as Paul wrote: “Strong – faithful – enduring hardship – hard working – diligent – a worker – and unashamed.” In Jesus’ Name, (the One who modeled all these qualities) Amen!


There I go again, well over 100 words. If I had called the blog, “200 words” I’d probably go over that. Oh well, I’ll just be diligent. I’ve participated in archaeological digs in Israel, not with a back hoe or even a shovel, but with a spoon, trowel and brush. I would not have the patience to do that as a profession!

I ask for your prayers as I travel for tests to the cancer treatment centre of the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. A wonderful caring couple, whom I love very much, has initiated this and insist on paying the costs. We are very grateful. I’ll report to you on the results. The time zone there is three hours different from here. If my body clock is to remain the same, I’d have to rise at 1 a.m. to read, pray, and type the blog. So I’ll do the blog the morning or evening one day ahead and revert to the regular time when I get back to eastern standard time. If you are moved to pray for me, I would be deeply grateful.

Yours for learning to be workers for God who do not need to be ashamed (2 Timothy 2:15),


Among the ancient ruins of Tel Hazor, you can see an olive press with a stone basin in the foreground.


41 thoughts on “Saturday, January 26, 2013

  1. Blessings follow obedience. Joshua obeyed the Lord and he was the recipient of abundant blessings. Oh that we might always be consistent and obedient believers, ever faithful unto our Lord.

    You will surely be in the prayers of all the blog-buddies David. I also pray for your safe journey to and from Arizona. May God not only bring healing, but may he richly bless you and encourage you too. All of us know what a labour of love this blog is for you and I for one would like to thank-you for the effort that you put into it every-day; not only am I learning something new day by day, it’s also really given my spiritual life daily boost. God is good!

  2. Pastor David, only the Good Lord knows how grateful I am and all of your fellow blogers, for this daily blog. May God bless you and your family, and the healing blood of Jesus run through your body from the TOP OF YOUR HEAD TO THE TIP OF YOUR TOE. AMEN
    What a wonderful God we serve

  3. Mr. Mainse,
    You are and have been in my prayers.

    Thank you Scott for your well written reply to a well written daily blog.

    Diane 🙂

  4. It is great news that you will be going to the Mayo Clinic, as their reputation is outstanding. I pray for your continued healing and give thanks to our Father for the generous friends who helped you! Your message today speaks of the importance of taking action and initiative. That it is, in fact, harmful (physically, mentally and spiritually) to be passive. As we are motivated and inspired, may we follow through with action to bring to completion that which our Lord sets before us.

  5. Thanks for your diligence in bringing us your inspired blog early each morning! You will certainly be in my prayers as you journey to the Mayo Clinic, and for the doctors to know exactly how to help you as you bring them Christ’s love and light! They will be inspired by your gentle, loving nature and reflection of Christ! Many will have changed lives from your visit with them. Amen

  6. David,

    You are a mighty man of God. Cristie Jo and I will pray for you as you go for tests in Arizona.

    We love you. God has given you a genius that has inspired millions.

    Tell Norma Jean we are thinking of her as well.

  7. David I will be praying too. Scott said it all! I will also pray a great blessing on the couple who have offered to support you by allowing you to visit the Mayo Clinic. A just reward for the giver and the receiver.
    Thank you for this blog. No doubt many days it has been a struggle but you are so faithful. The Lord is pleased with His faithful servant David.
    With love and healing prayers going your way.

  8. Hi David
    Thank you for your daily blog and inspiration,s , You are in mine prayer,s daily and have a safe trip to Mayo clinic ,that God will give wisdom to Doctor,s
    and divine healing by His Mercy and AMAZING GRACE
    your brither in Christ


    PS Thank you for a very inspirationam message at Club house and to God be the Glory

    God is good ALL the time


    • I love reading your blog but I wouldn’t mind reading it a few hours later so you wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the night, Your readers understand that you need your rest. I will be praying for your treatment and your healing. God bless! P.S. I have been watching 100 Huntley Street since it started. Your friend in Christ.

  9. We continue to pray for your health Pastor David. May the Lord give all of a safe journey, wisdom for the medical personel, and a good outcome.
    Blessings to all, Wilma.

  10. “This thing is from Me.” -these five words furnish a silver lining to the darkest cloud to bring forth the music of His grace. Jesus is our wonderful friend! Arizona weather this time of year will be toasty, perhaps hot. Facing any situation remember; Christ has given us all, freely; we only need accept it. Salvation is free because Somebody Else paid for it!” Christ is in control! Sing His Praises! God’s faithful Love abides forever!

  11. The blog is never too long and draws me closer every day. Thanks David.

    I will be in prayer for you going to the clinic and blessings on the couple who have initiated this for you.

    I always underline the ‘die’ in obedience as a reminder to myself to listen and obey as God leads. Battle seems hard but with God as our commander we can’t lose if we follow His lead. Blessings to our fellow bloggers today. Keep warm!!

  12. David, may you feel God’s arms around you in a very real and special way as you make this journey. He is with you now and will be there as well as you travel and visit those who are wishing to help you.! Only in God’s strength are they able.

  13. Dear Pastor David,
    You are inspiring us daily with your blog. We so look forward to it and believe God for information and transformation along the road with you.
    Our prayers of faith for your complete recovery are given to God for you. We also thank God for placing people in your path to provide your way to The Mayo Clinic. Bless the giver and receiver, Lord.
    Thanking God for placing you in our lives.

  14. David, my comment is the same as my fellow bloggers, here, this morning. I am holding you up to God in my prayers, with thanksgiving, for all you have done and continue to do; for all you unselfishly give and continue to give; because of your desire to serve the Lord and bring others to love Him. You have inspired and lifted us up, to seek, know, praise and worship Him.

    Praying for your strength, healing, peace, comfort and protection–that God so lovingly wraps his arms around you. Thank you to the loving couple who have blessed David with the gift of treatment in Arizona.

  15. Dear David….Thank you for your faithfulness in doing this blog. It is teaching me so many things. Thank you so much to the couple who were so kind and thoughtful. God bless them. We pray that God will give you traveling mercies and give the doctors wisdom and understanding. God bless you and your family. Psalm 28 verse 7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise Him. Jesus is the Great Physician. We love you, David.

  16. Thank you for your “100 Word devotionals. They are really great and also the added information is very interesting. Will pray for you as requested.

  17. I pray all goes well in Arizona with your tests. I hope the cancer is gone and that you will be strong and healthier than you have ever been. Thank you for your daily blog. I read them everyday and pray I find what I am looking for as well. Thank you to the couple who is helping you out David and Norma. I will say a grateful pray for them as well. Chin up , take care and love to you David Mainse.

  18. What more is there to say? It is so obvious that you have many who love and support you David, and I add my name to the list. God is so faithful, his love endures and you are in the palm of his hand. I look forward to some good reports soon! I sense He wants to take you on a journey of discovery, and that you will learn even more about his tender loving care for YOU and Norma Jean.

  19. Amen to all the fellow bloggers.
    I add my prayers as well.
    I think of David Mainse like Billy Graham of the states
    As patriarchs of their countries.
    May God bless u and keep u
    May His face shine upon u.
    May u feel and know the touch of angel’s wings in your travels.
    I was at a church service the other night and a lady shared how the Lord just held her when she had cancer.
    When she cried out Jesus just held her.
    I pray that for u David Mainse
    Mighty man of God.
    Blessings to u and your beloved wife Norma Jean
    May the Lord give the doctors wisdom
    May peace reign in your heart.
    In Christ

  20. I say my Amen to the the prayers and good will that has been spoken. I have just got to this blog today as I went out to a Ladies’ Meeting this morning and we prayed for the funeral that was to take place today. I didn,t know about your situation, David. May you get good results from your visit to Mayo Clinic and gird ypu with strength to and fro. It is wonderful to have good friends who are concerned about our welfare, blessings on them. We love you, David and Norma-Jean.

  21. Hi David, Wow,what a wonderful response from your Blogging family today. You are so loved and appreciated, and if we all love and appreciate you so much, how much more our Father! Safe Journey my dear Pastor and Teacher and Brother in the Lord. May our precious Lord’s plans and purposes be fulfilled in your life…He is Faithful and Keeps his promises! Love also to Norma-Jean,what an amazing gift she is!

  22. Dear Pastor David and Norma-Jean
    Never be concerned that your 100 words quota have a tendency to go way behond
    we appreciate so much the precious and divine teaching that you bring us daily .

    I join all our dear fellow bloggers in prayer ,may Jesus carry you through all along your journey at the Mayo clinic each step of the way.
    God bless you .

  23. For some reason I am no longer getting these blogs through my email. I would like to be on the list again. A great way to start the day.

  24. David please be assured of our ongoing prayers as you travel to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. We pray for safety in travel and for wisdom for the medical team as we pray also for your healing and for strength to endure all that is ahead of you at this time.

  25. David…there is not much one can add to the above comments in todays blog or the many prayers sent your way as you travel to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona for treatment, except to tell you that I have been and am praying for you. May you be able to say as Jacob did in Genesis: “surely the Lord is in this place…”
    I also agree with those who have commented that they would be happy to let you get more rest and post your blog later, and if you write more then the 100 words, it is not a problem!

  26. Dear David &Norma Jean, Together you have served all these years, God blessyou still. My prair is that you recive a total healing report. We all know that God in more than capable off all we ask and more. Together with all your prayer responders ( we ) belive for, God”s healing hand to to do a mighty (healing) in your body, in Jesus presious name , Amen.
    David it will be , that you inspire those you meet at the Mayo Clinic . You also will be inspired and I’m convinced God has you go for his greater pourpous – may you receive love and grace from God as you give love and grace for God, as you travil to and home from your trip. You know that you know that God is with you, as He is always. He will never leav you.
    David you are pure inspration to all who meet you, and hear from you and of you! God is with you , Amen

  27. Amen to all the above..David, you and NormaJean are such a blessing
    to so many. Thank you, thank you for the blessings we all receive
    each day thru your blog. You can tell that we wouldn’t mind what time
    it came thru to us, or the length. When I finished reading all the
    messages, I said, “Lord, what encouraging words can I say to Your
    dear servant?”. Right away this hymn came to mind:
    “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”
    Just to take Him at His word,
    Just to rest upon His promise,
    Just to know “Thus saith the Lord”

    O how sweet to trust in Jesus,
    Just to trust His cleansing blood,
    Just in simple faith to plunge me
    ‘Neath the healing cleansing flood.
    Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him,
    How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er,
    Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,
    O for grace to trust Him more.

    God is our total sufficiency in all circumstances!
    Praying for safe travel there and back and thank your
    dear friends who initiated the idea to go to the clinic.
    God bless each of you..Love and Prayers to all.

  28. Dear David,
    I follow your blog daily and really enjoy it.
    I can’t say I agree with all of your beliefs or with some of the changes on the 100 Huntley Street program but I know that everything you do in bathed in prayer. So the problems that I have must lie somewhere else!
    I have the greatest respect for you David: for what you have done and for what continue to do. So, I consider it an honor to pray for you and for
    God’s will to continue to direct your life.
    With love,

  29. Amen to all the prayers & love sent your way David and your family and to all our precious family in Christ! All wrapped in gratitude to our precious Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. Please Lord keep us all strong in You! Love to all, Rob

  30. Dear David,
    Our prayers are with you and Norma-Jean. My husband, Bill and I appreciate your blog very much!! We usually read it together every evening. It’s so good to see how many are supporting you in prayer. We are concerned that you may not be getting enough rest as you get up so early every morning and are also dealing with cancer. May Our Lord Bless you and Keep you and Make His Face to Shine upon you, and be Gracious to you; the Lord Lift up His Countenance upon you, and Give you Peace!!! Numbers 6:24,25 & 26

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