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Suggested Reading: Deuteronomy 33-34

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Here you can see what the breastplate would have looked like on the High Priest in Moses' time. Each of the twelve tribes is represented before God by a precious stone. The Thummin and the Urim mentioned in today's reading were there somewhere, but they remain mysterious objects of which we know very little. Perhaps they were instruments for testing God's will such as casting lots (Deuteronomy 33:8).

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Key Verse: Deuteronomy 33:27a

The eternal God is your refuge,
And underneath are the everlasting arms…

Our reading begins with praise to God and then blessings on all the tribes except one, Simeon. In Genesis 49:5-7 both Simeon and Levi are cursed by their father Jacob. All the other brothers are blessed. Moses and Aaron came from Levi, the tribe that became Israel’s priests. It remains a mystery why Levi was chosen for special service and Simeon was not. Perhaps Levi repented of the sins Jacob mentioned and Simeon did not. God always responds to a godly sorrow for sin, followed by a turning away from sin. Restoring our relationship with God is absolutely essential to experiencing the powerful promise found in our key verse. God bless Moses. Jesus, Peter, James and John would later meet him on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8).


Lord God, I search my heart, confess my sin, and trust You for the gift of genuine repentance. Levi became the recipient of Your blessings, and his brother Simeon did not. I’m desperate for your everlasting arms under me. I lean on Your arms today and every day. Thank You for Your promise of strong support. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


Often over the years I have visited the modern expression of “The Promised Land”…Israel. Bible prophecy indicates the establishment of a nation state in end times called “Israel.” The olive tree symbolizes the spiritual life of Israel, the fig tree symbolizes political Israel (Luke 21:29-31). I, as a gentile believer in the King of the Jews, Jesus, have been grafted into the olive tree. Jews, who believe in Jesus as Messiah, Saviour and Lord (there are thousands in Israel in many congregations) continue an expression of the original olive tree. Following the birth of Jesus’ church (Acts 2), many thousands of Jews formed the first assemblies of believers in Jesus. A non-Jew, Cornelius, was the first gentile grafted into the olive tree (Acts 10). While modern Israel has come into being, let’s not forget that the state of Israel is not gathered in righteousness. For example, I’m told that abortion is legal and huge numbers of little ones are being torn apart in the wombs of Jewish mothers. Jesus’ last prophecy was about this, I believe (check out Luke 23:27-31). Let us never forget that God loves all people equally; Arabs and Jews all need to receive Jesus in order to be saved. We all need to come to Him and trust His promise, as I did as a 16-year-old teen. “He that comes to me, I will in no way cast out” (John 6:37). Tomorrow, God willing, I’ll do my first blog from the book of Romans. I’ve just had a head-start by reading about the “olive tree.” It’s found in Romans 11:17-24 (click here to read with me).

Yours for God at work today with Jews, Arabs, and all the rest of us…and for the growth of the “olive tree” and its grafted-in branches, of which I believe I’m a little twig,


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25 thoughts on “Friday, January 4, 2013

  1. Isn’t it a wonderful to know that God is our eternal refuge and that we can go to Him at any time with any concern? The Bible tells us that we can be assured of a relationship with this God who cares about our fears, anxieties, and challenges as well as our joys, successes and well-being. Lord it is such a comfort in knowing that you are ‘God with us’ yesterday, today and forevermore. We humbly repent of any sins, known or unknown, that hinder our relationship with you, that we may be restored back into a ‘right’ relationship with you. Jesus we come to you, although undeserving, and we give to you all the praise for taking the punishment of our sin, for your death upon the cross and for resurrecting to a new life, that we may also have the privilege of being raised with you, through a trust, a belief, and a righteousness found only through a relationship with You. Thank-You for saving us, Thank-You for being with us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  2. If you are a little twig, David … I am but a splinter, I hope! I appreciate your balanced thoughts over God’s love for us all and the sin which continues to exist in every land. Since reading your blog from day one, I am more aware, as the days progress, of mistakes I have made in the past and my behaviour today. Thank our Lord for His strong arm which supports my life, and others, as the root of an Olive Tree!

  3. Thank you once again David for your thots.
    I am so thankful for the security I know of being held
    in the everlasting arms of Jesus…His loving
    nail-scarred hands that remind me daily of the
    great price that was paid for me to be grafted
    into the olive tree. Blessed freedom in Christ.
    Oh what a Savior!!!
    I’m trusting Jehovah Rapha for your healing too
    David. May I also request prayer here for our
    granddaughter in Africa who has a very serious
    Bacterial condition in her foot. The
    family left for
    Mango, Togo to help build a hospital there. They
    plan to be there for two years. Jack, their 4 th
    Child just cut his head and required 25 stitches
    And their youngest Ted has malaria. We need
    to pray against satanic warfare, I believe. They
    are still rejoicing in the “stormy seas”..God is faithful
    Thank you for your prayers.
    Faith and Ken

    • Lord, I pray for this granddaughter right now. I pray that you would touch her foot in Jesus Name and heal it completely. We praise you and thank you for you healing power. We also pray for protection and healing on the other children. In Your Precious Name, we pray. Amen

    • Have been praying for your family, in Mango, Togo, Faith and Ken. Holding your granddaughter and her children up to the Lord for healing and protection and to be surrounded by the light, continually. Praise God for the work they are doing to build a hospital, there. Bless you!

  4. Yes and Amen to All the above!! Bless you David and blogging family!

    I join you and all the saints in prayer for victory in your family, Faith.

    Lord, thankyou for the blood of Jesus, the blood that speaks a better word than

    the blood of Abel. Heb.12:24 Hallelujah!!

  5. Hi David, What an amazing picture, Almighty God burying his servant Moses’s body The scripture points out that Moses was in excellent health at the time, as God had preserved him for the difficult task in the wilderness all those years. When he came out of his body, l wonder if Moses watched, then they hugged and left together for Heaven, the best promised land of all! Father knows best! We can trust him in all things. Faith, my heart goes out to you and when l read your blog, l prayed right away as l know everyone else will. God will restore! May our Lord grant you his peace.

  6. Yers, Faith, I join you and other fellow bloggers for your family. I have just been a recipient of other bloggers’ prayers and I know God is faithful, as well as His people.

  7. Twig or Fig….great analogy. I agree that ‘political Jewishness’ is not where
    its at. But, should an Israel Tour Guide be running around to the local
    restaurants looking for ‘bacon’ of all things? Sounds more ‘figgy’ than
    ‘twiggy’ to me. And what about calling His Name G-d? If that ain’t ‘figgy’
    nothing could be worse. Its YHWH pronounced Yah-weh , remember,
    there is no letter ‘J’ in the Hebrew language. Never was. The translators
    changed it. And why would a little Hebrew baby be giving a Latin name?
    Think about it. Whenever you read a name spelled with a J in English
    it is actually pronounced with a ‘Yah’ sound. Hallelujah is one they
    missed. It means ‘praise Yahweh’. and the real name the King James
    translators gave to His Son is ‘Yahushuah’, which means ‘ Yah is
    salvation’, the same name as Moses gave to Oshea whom we now
    refer to as Joshua.
    So thats your ‘twig’ lesson for today. Get it right lad, and we might
    change your last name to Mainsowitz.

    • Above all things, let us be reminded of the most crucial point of life, here, and eternally, that God is pure love. He gave us the gift of salvation, through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our Saviour is the vehicle through which we embody compassion and forgiveness for one another. We face struggles that seem insurmountable, such as leukemia, heart conditions, and depression, but find strength and comfort through our relationship with the Lord. We deal with attacks of judgement and criticism, spewed at us through verbal venom because we are faithful to learning and claiming the Word, yet that will not dissuade us. Though we may have bad days and fail to be patient, loving and kind with one another, let us be reminded that this blog has been given to us, ever so graciously, as a gift of faith, from Rev. David Mainse. It is not to be used as a forum to shoot loathing arrows of attack at one another, Michigan Mo. As I am certain my fellow bloggers would agree, it will remain a safe haven of Christian communication, love and respect for one another.

      • Reverence for the name of Jesus is emphasized by Saint Paul in Philippians 2:10 where he states: “That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth”.

        • Its all about ‘transliteration’, which is the process
          of changing a word or name from one language
          to another. In the case of Jesus, it was changed
          from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English. That
          process put a totally different and in my opinion
          an ‘unauthorized’ version of the Son of Yahweh
          before us. The Torah does tell us that we are
          not to take His Name in vain, literally, we are told
          to NOT bring it to ‘naught’. He cares about stuff
          like this. The type of Yahushuah leading the
          believers into the Promised Land is so powerfully connected with the man that Moses
          commissioned by the same name, the one we
          call Joshua. The meanings of names and places is powerfully illustrated throughout
          the Scriptures, and I believe it is yet one more
          attempt by Satan to deceive those who think
          they are following and trusting in the Messiah.
          So, truth must be told and followed and held
          in highest honor. The abomination and
          desecration of those who “love not the truth”
          is a frightening prospect indeed. Beware.

        • Through him, and with him, and in him, O God, almighty Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, forever and ever. There is only but ONE Christ. We reverently call Him, Jesus.

          • Your faith rests upon a translation of
            Scripture produced by a king of England
            named James. Another example of how
            easy it is to go astray when following the
            ‘traditions’ of men. Ultimately, ‘truth’ will
            prevail. Remember, ‘truth’ cannot be
            mixed with ‘error’, neither can ‘light’ be
            packaged with ‘darkness’. Once we are
            made aware of ‘truth’ we are compelled
            to walk therein. Farewell.

  8. Thank you David for your wisdom and your knowledge of the culture and of the Holy Scriptures. We pray daily for your healing, your health and your daily needs. When you mentioned today about the breastplate it makes us be thankful for Jesus and His prophetical office which is founded in His priesthood and the dignity of His person of God. What joy and grace we can experience through Christ highest honour purchased for Himself through His death on the cross. Thank Lord Jesus for Your eternal glory and this great favour you have freely given for all who call upon Your glorious Name! Please Heavenly Father we raise our Pastor of pastors before Your Holy throne, Pastor David. We thank you Lord for his calling and the mighty work he has done and continues to do, through the power and grace of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name Amen! Congratulations on your great granddaughter, Pastor David and Norma Jean!

  9. I sometimes wonder if people whether they be Jew, Arab, Irish, Canadian, American, German, etc. would have come to Christ if the representatives of the Church had been more loving?
    More willing to share the love of Christ including all people and not blaming or shaming individuals.
    Esp. when people were exp. the dark night of the soul.
    Or even nation’s exp. the dark night of the soul.

    Having been through a church split and witnessed the intense hurt, blame etc. I often wondered about that scripture where it states that people will know “they r Christians by their love for one another”?

    Often the world sees/witnesses the hatred of Christians toward each other or the hatred directed outwards by excluding or blaming people or by pointing fingers.
    When we look at back at history we can see the blame, the hatred, the exclusion by all parties.
    Many times individuals and churches have played the role of the Holy Spirit or what they believe the Holy Spirit to be or interpreted what the Holy Spirit meant.

    For example even in the nation of Ireland people are still being torn apart by religion.
    We had people staying with us this summer from Ireland and I did not truly understand what had happened to that nation until u speak with the people that come from there.
    My family background is Irish (on my mother’s side) and my father’s side.
    My paternal grandmother was from Scotland and was was my grandfather.
    My maternal grandfather was from Norway. My maternal grandmother was from the Sask but orginally her family was from Ireland.
    In the 1930’s she became preganant and as u can guess that did not go over well.
    My mother was the result. My grandmother then found a job as a housekeeper.
    That man (my grandfather) married my grandmother but it was not a happy marriage as he was a violent man.
    With my accepting of the Lord Jesus Christ I broke that pattern.
    God is still breaking down all the strongholds in my life and in my families life where Satan had free reign for generations.

    My prayer is that my dtr.s will continue breaking down strongholds in Jeusus’ name.
    I find people relate to Christianity better and to Jesus better when u share your lifestory. The ugly struggles, the doubts, the conerns, the worries not just the greatness of God or how God has blessed u or how God has done this for u. The bible is full of stories of men and women who exp. God’s love and yet committed terrible sins and God forgave them. When I share what I struggle with people can see that God does meet u when u r experiencing the ‘dark night of the soul’. Then u have a platform for witnessing. It is not up to me to bring people to Christ but to share Christ with anyone who will listen.

    Jesus Himself made Himself of no reputation
    There is such a difference between reputation and godliness.
    Sometimes as Christians we get them confused.

    All people say they love God or want to serve God but do they truly reflect it?
    I know at times Father God has convicted me because all people need to be loved and shown love and I have not done that effectively.
    Many times I have been brought to my knees on that subject.

    My heart breaks for the women/girls who have no love from individuals or churches in order to help them and not judge them.
    Just look at world events lately.
    We r commanded by God’s word to love even our enemies and pray for those who despitefully use and abuse us even if our family members r our enemies.
    Having been a single parent for 17 years I can thank Him for His faithfulness and His care for me and my dtrs.
    God was always there for me when no one else was.

    It is so easy to point a finger and say u should not do that or u should not do this but to come along side of and say “how can I help” or “what can I do to help’.
    Sometimes u even experience hostility and judgement but don’t give up b/c God doesn’t

    People can become self righteous and start throwing stones or anything else that they can get their hands on- usually it is words-.
    When an invitation to a cup or tea or a lunch would have worked wonders and broken down many barriers in order to share the love of Christ.

    Again my heart breaks.

    Christ Jesus came to break down all barriers, to lift up all people no matter what race, religion, creed or belief system. If people call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and confess Him as saviour and repent they will be saved.
    Christ Jesus is no respector of people, He has no favourites.
    We r all one in Christ.

    I am experiencing Christ Jesus in such a powerful way and have so for about 2 years.
    I am witnessing changes in my family and my husband that I never thought possible.
    God is the God of the impossible.
    All glory goes to Him and to Him alone.
    I offer up thanksgiving and prayers.
    The most important realization is that He will never leave me nor forsake me.
    That He has a plan for my life.

    An elder in a church that I attended many years ago said, when we get to heaven we will all put our crowns at His feet.
    He was the one that enable us to even have crowns to offer Him in the first place.
    The last shall be first and the first last.
    Personally I cannot wait to see old friends and speak of God’s faithfulness.

    Christianity is not a competition or a self congratulatory religion.
    It is a relationship with Christ Jesus.
    Many brother’s and sister’s world wide are experiencing great hardship and even death b/c of the beloved name of the Lord.
    In North America some but not all people do suffer.
    Ususally outside the church and my heart breaks for that.
    Mostly around the suffering that women and children go through.

    God is showing me that If u r suffering it does not mean God does not love u or u have sinned.
    Or if u r poor that u are cursed by God and not blessed.
    Many people work extremely hard and have difficult lives and still believe in Christ and God is faithful for the “righteous never have had to go begging for bread”.

    God through the shed blood of Christ has overcome the world.
    I rejoice in that and my Lord’s love for me and for all the sinner’s in the world that have not repented yet.
    God is no respective of person’s
    He loves all equally.
    And simply put I love Him for that.

    That He can take a sinner and with His grace and mercy change them.
    I marvel at His greatness, His patience and His loving kindness.

    I love that song where it states that
    there is a place of commanded blessing
    Where bretheren in unity dwell.
    A place where annointing oil is flowing and we live as one.

    Bind us together Lord
    Bind us together in love.
    There is only one God
    There is only one King and that is why I sing.
    Bind us together
    Bind us together in Love.

    God bless all of u fellow bloggers
    Thank God that in the last days God is doing new and wonderful things and that 100 Huntley Street has been part of it and continues to be part of the moving of the precious Holy Spirit.

    Also many thanks and blessings to all the brother’s and sister’s in the Lord that shared their testimonies and let their light shine on 100 Huntley Street.
    When the annointing of the Holy Spirit broke the yoke of desperation for so many people.
    I have been blessed so many times in the past 2 years.
    In many ways it was my church.

    Experiencing God’s love and His faithful guidance and discipline for many years.
    In Christ
    Your eternal sister

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