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Suggested Reading: Deuteronomy 31

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Children surround a mother as she tells of the past and shares wisdom. Moses said, Gather the "little ones" that they may hear, learn and observe (Deuteronomy 31:12).

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Key Verse: Deuteronomy 31:23b

Be strong and of good courage; for you shall bring the Children of Israel into the land of which I swore to them, and I will be with you.

Twice Moses said the words of our key verse to Joshua. We need to speak words of encouragement to leaders…Happy birthday Moses! (verse 2). For a reluctant leader, you’ve done fairly well. Yes, You’ve had some failures, and for that reason you are not leading your people into the Promised Land. You were a war-time leader. The nations through which you led the former slaves were determined to destroy you, but with the help of God, you won many battles. Now it’s up to the new leader to win the war. Moses, you showed up on the Mount of Transfiguration to encourage Jesus as He faced death in the most decisive battle in human history (Matt 17:1-8). Thank you, Moses, for your faithfulness to God’s call.

It’s interesting to note the words “God said” and “Moses said.” Believing in the verbal inspiration of Scripture means that we have an accurate account. It’s good history. It doesn’t mean that Moses always, without fail, said and did all that God wanted him to say and do. After all, he was a human leader. Jesus always got it right. He’s the Leader we seek to follow (check out John 8:25-29).


Dear Jesus, You ALWAYS said and did what pleased Your Father. Like Moses, I’m very human. I confess I made mistakes in my leadership. Because of these errors in judgement I’ve not entered into all of Your perfect plans for me and those I have led. I’ve asked forgiveness and You have granted it. Now I pray that You’ll guide and direct the new leadership, and please give me the grace to encourage them more and more. Amen!


I remember the old song, “Home On The Range.” Some of the words are, “…where seldom is heard a discouraging word.” I want so very much to be an encourager. The other day our CEO, Don Simmonds, received a very discouraging letter from a person who was at one time on staff. I love the one who wrote the letter, and she is a great example of God’s grace. Her letter was one which, if taken to heart, would’ve been most discouraging. It was very critical of Don’s leadership. I’ve received many such letters over the decades of leadership, and I’ve simply answered them like this: “Thank you for your input into my life and leadership. I am placing your letter before the Lord in my early morning prayer time.” I encouraged Don by reiterating my firm belief that God called him into leadership of Crossroads. Then Don said these words, approximately, that brought tears to my eyes. “As long as I’m confident of your full support, I’ll carry on.” I responded, “Be assured of my full support.” Our CEO is leading Crossroads in significant change. My son, Rev. Ron Mainse, who helps me daily with the technical side of this blog (and sometimes with content), is the Spiritual Director of Crossroads. He has participated in the process of making the decisions for change, and he is 100% in agreement with the changes. Check out the “Promised Land” of the future for Crossroads (click here).

Yours for encouraging God’s leaders,


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19 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 2, 2013

  1. Thank you David for your diligence and faithfulness. Your words minister every day to Arlene and my heart. Don Simmonds is leading Crossroads in a good and true path. It will be a time of fruit gathering in ways and places unimaginable. Not because of vision or leadership before versus after etc. These days present new opportunities and Crossroads speaking to issues such as suicide and teenage sexuality and sexual abuse is so very important. It’s bringing light to where there is much darkness.

    God will honour this effort as He will the work into the United States.

    All the best to you and Norma Jeanne.

  2. With prayer and wisdom one knows when change is necessary and when it is not. As with all things, we are human, and humans are prone to mistakes or to make error in judgement. David, you set out a great example of being ‘human’ through the life of Moses, for in his leadership he didn’t always get it right, but most times he did. Crossroads and 100 Huntley is now going into a new promised land, uncharted territory and it’s exciting! I believe that you and Don Simmonds have got it right!

    I must admit, my first reaction at hearing that 100 Huntley was going to a 30 minute format was disappointment, I think for many this will be the case. I like to sit back, kick my feet up and enjoy the hour on TV on a daily basis in the evening. This doesn’t reflect our culture however. Today we are diversified, and I think Don Simmonds aptly covered the reasons why it’s very necessary to go to this new format. In 2013 it just makes good sense. Technology has changed, times change, we must go with the times or fade away to insignificance. 100 Huntley and Crossroads has always been on the cutting edge of change in technology and with God’s grace they will continue to reach to lost for Christ through these changes in technology. I have to remember, 100 Huntley wasn’t produced for my entertainment, it is a tool to reach the lost of our world. Let’s boldly move forward into 2013 and beyond by carrying the banner of Christ ever before us!

    • You have nailed it, Scott. I have heard it once said, all things in our universe are in a state of growth or decay. The programming on 100 Huntley Street is relevant, timely and in a state of growth. I believe more will be focussed and “tuned in” with the half hour segment, than were previously.

  3. Bravo Scott ! Well said and written ! 🙂

    Thank you Mr. Mainse for all you do and have done !

    Always enjoying your Blog 🙂

    Diane 🙂

  4. My dear mum used to say “a change is as good as a rest” and I applaud leadership when they are led by a Holy God and not by man. It takes great courage to make changes and all people will never be happy at one time. May Our Savior guide and direct Don and all the staff at Crossroads. I look forward to the changes. Life is too short to dwell on the negatives and so let’s encourage one another to keep listening to the still small voice of our Heavenly Father. Blessings to all today . Deut.31:6 has always been uplifting to me. Let’s learn from one another. Sharing in our daily blogging with David leading thru The Spirit fills my heart with JOY each day. Onward and upward for Don and the staff. PRAISE THE LORD.

  5. Hi David, What wonderful leadership you have at Crossroads! Recognizing the sign of the times takes great discernment, and moving with them, led by precious Holy Spirit takes great courage! Don is being used in a marvelous and insightful way, and not alone, as we all realize these changes are being made, backed by much prayer and confirmation to the God appointed leaders of this ministry. Scott came up with a great observation that this programming is primarily for evangelism and edification of those God directs to watch, not only entertainment, which it also surely is to those of us who are already Children of God, and are greatly encouraged by the content. God Bless You All for 2013!

  6. When Don Simmonds became ceo I thought: “What a gifted man! The words just flow so smoothly from him. He is clever and obviously God-ordained for this post.” So one bad letter is not the end, is it. Thank you, David, for always giving the encouraging word, just like Barnabas. the ministry will go far with humble leaders. Blessings on the future of 100 Huntley Street!

  7. Good morning David, Staff and Bloggers,
    Thank you David for your sharing with us this A.M.
    It has always been obvious that the Crossroads ministry
    has been and still is the Lord’s doing. I thank God for
    the insight the leadership has been given.
    I agree with each of the above bloggers and will
    continue to pray for the staff and evangelistic outreach
    that Crossroads has and will continue to have by God’s
    grace. We stand with you and totally trust the leadership
    to continue to discern the direction God is moving this
    ministry forward to reach all ages, any time of the day.
    Yes Scott, I’m willing to give up the extra half hr. at
    note too. I always say, “Blessed are the FLEXABLE”

    Praying for God’s will in each of our lives, that we too
    can be all things to all the Lord puts on our pathway.


  8. Don Simones is doing a wonderful job and any one that says any different should read there bible and speak to God . They must get back on track with Him . It sounds like they have fell by the way, Satan loves to get into peoples lives if you let them.

  9. I started watching 100 Huntley Street early last year during a need in my life. I never stopped watching. Since then there have been many changes. In my experience most people are uncomfortable with the idea of change because it tugs at their security blanket. I speak for myself as well. I fpound that all of the changes have been good ones. I feel just as nourished as I always have.

    One thing that has made an impression on me is the imense kindness & caring displayed by all those who we see on the program. I feel like I could walk up to any one of them and feel welcome and at ease.

    Thankyou for all this.

  10. It is of no coincidence that we find ourselves at the most focal point in Deuteronomy 31, as the people of Israel faced the change of leadership from Moses to Joshua, and what was to come. Nor, that Moses and Joshua, subsequently, had to face dealing with the transformation of their own destinies, as outlined by God. I can’t help but see the similarities between David and Don; reflecting on the same struggles regarding the changes of leadership and direction at Crossroads, switch to half hour programming, and implementation of new on-line programs. Change, especially that which impacts leadership, seems to be difficult for most of us to handle. We become secure with our mentors, which allows us to be comfortable in the way we learn, and ultimately, grow.

  11. However, we can’t overlook the fact that growth of technology has drastically altered the way our teenagers, in particular, communicate, and that is the most crucial area for us to consider–as Don so eloquently outlined. Our children grow into teenagers, who need to have Jesus as their strong and solid rock to hold onto and keep leaning on as they face even faster growing changes in generations to come. Let us not backslide–after all we have been blessed with through God’s grace in the gift of David Mainse and the ministry he has brought to the world.

  12. I admit I was a little disappointed too at the thought of a 1/2 hr program. I’ve been happy to be retired so that I can watch the program instead of going off to work!! I can see the need though!

    Maybe some teens will be changed for the better! Sometimes it’s scary to meet 4 teens together in a group on the sidewalk!!

    Thanks be unto God for His wonderful gift:
    Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God
    is the object of our faith; the only faith
    that saves is faith in Him.


    Nancy Edmonton, alberta

  13. Regarding changes, I believe Don, Ron and others in leadership have arrived at this conclusion through much prayer. The desire to reach more in different ways is the reason for changes. Those of us who are older can find changes hard, but we need to pray much for our leaders as they seek God’s reach the lost. We know this ministry is not only to encourage believers but to reach those who are searching for meaning in their lives – who is Jesus, the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life. May we encourage our leaders to always seek God’s perfect will by praying for them. It’s so easy to criticize.

  14. Congratulations David and Norma Jean in the blessing of Jadice, your 7th great grandchild, also congratulations Ron and Anne – it will take time getting used to being called grandpa and grandma! Children truly are the greatest blessings from God and I rejoice with you. God IS good all the time.

  15. Blessings for health, love, faith, and prosperity throughout the New Year to the Mainse Family, their in-laws, and everyone building family friendly CTS!

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