Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Suggested Reading: Acts 3-4

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A panorama of Jerusalem at sunset.


Key Verse: Acts 4:12

Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

Believe it or not, the choice is ours! Our salvation is ONLY in Jesus Christ! Do other names come to mind? They pale into insignificance in the blazing glory of “the Light of the world.” We should note how these early believers quoted from their Bible, and we should do the same with both the Hebrew and the Greek Scriptures. What we call “the New Testament” would not be written for several years. The Apostles had never heard of a “new” set of books. They were all Jews. The councils of the Rabbis had heard from God as to what writings qualified to be in the Bible, as did the early Church leaders for the new writings of divinely inspired Scripture. We may want to look up Deuteronomy 18:15-22 to see how Peter quoted his Bible from memory (Acts 3:22-23). God willing, the next book we’ll read together will be Deuteronomy. Amen!


Lord God, there is so much in today’s reading that I could write about in this blog. My mind and heart are so full of what I’m reading. Please cause that which You desire to be shared to spill out through my fingers on the keyboard to the eternal benefit of all who read with me. In Jesus’ Name, the only Name given among mankind by which we must be saved, I pray. Amen!


I pray the above prayer with great fervency. I’ve preached several messages from today’s readings over the years. I ask most sincerely for the prayers of you who read this, that I’ll receive guidance from the Holy Spirit for “100 words.” There are volumes that could be written. For an entire year, five days each week, Dr. Paul Maier, Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, Dale Lang, Anglican Minister from Tabor, Alberta (whose son was murdered in the corridor of his high school), and I led our 100 Huntley Street TV viewers through the book of Acts, verse by verse. We called it “HIStory” (emphasis on “HIS”). Paul gave the historical perspective, Dale gave the application to our daily lives, and I was the moderator. These daily meditations may be online, but as I am typing this at 5:30 a.m., I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Yours for an overview of the entire Bible in 730 days. Are you with me?


P.S. I just learned that the “HIStory” segments are not available online right now, but God willing, we will have all these teachings digitized and uploaded for online access.

23 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 27, 2012

  1. Uncle Dave,

    Me, like many many others hope you make it all the way through.

    I especially enjoy when you reminisce as I remember pieces of those things. Keep up your strength and keep writing. I enjoy and start my morning with your insights and encouraging words….

  2. You are so correct David, the choice is ours. God has left evidence of himself through His creation, man refuses to recognize it as such. We can live our lives for ourselves and never give thought to God or eternal consequences. We could simply believe in karma and try to be good people and one day attain some sort of goodness or benefit from the gods, maybe. Likewise we could look at the amazing wonders of the universe, nature, the delicate balance of chemicals which make up and maintain our environment and our bodies, and simply stand in awe of it’s splendor which is totally directed towards a creator of this universe. At this splendor, we could simply bow our knee to it’s creator, God. God has also left evidence through His word as we have seen through our journey of 100words. God’s salvation is most evident in Jesus Christ, people only need to believe on Him and to receive Him as their own and then they too will know the truth of Acts 4:12 as stated in our key verse today. Once again, the choice is ours.

  3. David: I look forward to HIStory. I give thanks to God for today’s Bible Scriptures, and I thank God for you for bringing it all to light. Acts 3 & 4 are very moving passages. God be with you and may He heal you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  4. So lifted up by you, David Mainse. I hear the passion in the voice of your words, and was so drawn into the scripture reading, this morning. God is so alive in everything. We need consecrate ourselves to Him and live by His Word. You are a wonderful example to us.

    Thank you for making this teaching available to us. I look forward to the HIStory segments, to come. Bless you!

  5. Dear David….I certainly am with you!!!….and others coming on board to go through 100words with you….thank you for your dedication….and the pictures…wow……so glad you are all safely home by the way…..may He continue to bless,heal and strengthen you…….In Jesus name!

  6. Yes, I am with you David and make notes on the Scriptures and your blog every day as I can remember it better. Thank you for your earnest prayer, David. The Word will not return unto Him void. May there be a great harvest and growth in that Name that is above every other name, Jesus. We all need to come to Him today. May the Lord give you strength and healing today, David.

  7. Hi David,There was so much to ponder on in the scripture reading for today. .In verse 18 of chapter 4, Peter and John were commanded by the priests and rulers not to speak any more in the name of JESUS, but they could not obey mere men,when God had commanded otherwise,and of course by the awesome power of Holy Spirit they continued to proclaim that there is no other name under Heaven by which a man can be saved but by the name of JESUS! l remember well, after l had been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit l too was warned not to keep speaking about my faith in Jesus.It was actually a family member who warned me that my marriage could not take it. l stormed Heaven for my husband and got everyone praying l could,even in England as well as Canada,and just 3 short months ;later my husband fell to his knees in repentance and asked Jesus into his heart and life! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

    • Amen and Amen!

      I am in agreement also David.
      I am with you

      I was so moved when I saw how all the believers were of one heart and one soul.
      May it be for us bloggers -to be of one heart and soul-
      To be in perfect agreement.
      Who knows what the Lord will do.

      Thank u for your passion for the Lord, the Eternal ONE, the Living Christ, David.

      blessings to all bloggers and David.

  8. Heavenly Father, I ask that you give guidance & inspiration to David from tha Holy spirit & to all who are reading this Blogg. Show us how we can serve you best and give us the motivation to act on it….In Jesus name…A Men

  9. Count me in too !
    I’m getting such an education David from your insights, the photographs, the scriptures… I feel so enriched and edified by it, and the good words from everyone…My prayer is the same… May the Lord use us all to do his will and purpose !

  10. David, we are SO with you!!
    “Passion” is what I hear from you, and the hearts of fellow bloggers. I know I am
    stirred up when the word is taught as you have been teaching and sharing with us.
    I find it amazing and heart-warming to be of one mind and one spirit with so many
    May God bless each one, and keep you strong, David, and bring you into perfect
    health and peace!! Thankyou!

  11. Mr. Mainse,

    I am with you and Thank you for all your words. 🙂
    My thoughts are in agreement with all of the bloggers. 🙂

    God Bless and Merry Christmas to Everyone 🙂


  12. So with you and all the others…. passion this is what gets us going ..Lord keep us on Fire for you as we read HISstory…. and let us overflow as we journey to those who need to hear & see the Glory of the Lord

    we are reading (at church) the book called ( The Story ) by Max Lucado & Randy Frazee …im following from home as my mornings are not too good…and enjoying it to the full…. todays read made me ^_^ ..when i read your 100 Words….God Bless & Keep you David…we love you lots….as we live today the Gift it is….Thank you Jesus….

  13. Thank you David for these devotions everyday. Thank you for your faithfullness, not only to our Saviour but to the people you serve. We have been blessed and learned so much from your programs and your family. God bless you all, with our prayers for your healing, Valerie & Wayne Priest, Nova Scotia

  14. Good Afternoon Everyone. Todays show brought me to this wonderful web site and particularly this blog section. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and the fellowship I feel from just reading everyone’s comments. Now to change topic. I came here to find out the name of the book and author presented on todays show. I enjoy these witness stories very much and wish to purchase the book.

    Regards to everyone and God Bless !


  15. I am totally with you David and thank you for sharing your knowledge, heart and soul. It was an amazing miracle of healing in today’s reading and all glory and honor is His. Continuing to pray for you throughout.

  16. LORD, I pray now for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit as David prays, reads, and writes these teaching messages. I pray for each one who reads to be enlightened in their own personal message from You. Thank You for David and let Your Healing Powers flow to him. Amen

  17. You are so right Pastor David in what you said about some of us being almost dead and not even knowing it. We’ve been duped into the current ‘politically correct’ ideology that says we need to absolutely not talk about the ‘religion’ topic! At school, at work, in the gym, while shopping, everywhere we go… but, as we know for ourselves, Jesus isn’t just another ‘religion’, He’s The Saving Grace that every single human searches for all their lives! We who have received this amazing Salvation know it oh so well! Would that I had more ‘guts’ to share His Redeeming Truth, I will pray each day fervently from now on. Thank you for the wake up call, Pastor Dave, may God continue to bless you and use you to sound the clarion call to all us believers!

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