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Suggested Reading: Numbers 33-34

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The Dead Sea road follows the contour of the rugged terrain.


Key Verse: Numbers 33:53b

…for I have given you the land to possess.

Yesterday, Reynold’s photograph was of “The Great Sea,” the Mediterranean. Today it’s of “The Salt Sea,” or the Dead Sea. Both Seas are mentioned twice in our reading. “The Sea of Chinneret,” known now as the Sea of Galilee, is referred to once. Geography is obviously important to God. The 1948 miracle of the establishment of Israel as a sovereign nation for the first time in over 2000 years, and the introduction of Hebrew as a language of daily life for the first time in over 2500 years, has never happened to any people group before in human history. Israel is now on the land promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob 4000 years ago. It’s a small land which could fit into Lake Ontario, on the shores of which I’m writing this blog. Israel is surrounded by 22 countries which are hostile to its very existence. These countries have 640 times Israel’s land mass and 60 times her population and they have all the oil that we know about in the Middle East. Was Israel pushed into the sea as Egypt’s Nasser said? Will it be wiped off the map as Iran’s Ahmedinijad says? Keep reading the Bible. Watch and pray. We’ll soon discover the answer to that question.


Lord God, I pray for insight in my understanding of ancient and modern Israel. Help me in as few words as possible to communicate Your heart to others. May I think Your thoughts after You. As Samuel said to You, Lord, I say also: “Speak, for Your servant hears.” Amen!


You may want to join me in reading the story of God speaking to Samuel (1 Samuel chapter 3). I’ve just returned two days ago from two weeks in Israel. While there I watched online a previous speech by our Canadian Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper. It is, in my judgement, a message which the whole world needs to hear (click here to watch the speech). Yesterday’s “100 PERSONAL WORDS” was very much over my 100 word goal, so I’ll stop here.

Yours with the prayer that I’ll be a help and not a hindrance,


13 thoughts on “Saturday, November 24, 2012

  1. Isn’t it amazing how God took this small patch of barren and dry land and used it to feed and nurture the world, both in a physical and spiritual sense.

    I watched the brief video of Mr. Harper’s speech and I thought it showed amazing fortitude and honesty. Although not stated, Mr. Harper obviously knows his bible and what Israel means to it’s people, to the world and to our Lord. Israel is indeed a special land as promised by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and we must stand by it, as Mr. Harper stated.

  2. Thank you for sharing that video of our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. It brought tears to my eyes hearing his comments. I don’t have the words to say when people criticize Israel but I am thankful that our prime minister and this country stands for Israel no matter what!
    God bless you!

  3. The sovereignty of the Lord in creation and history; a message for the whole world speaking to the listening heart.
    Psalm 33:10 “The LORD brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; HE makes the plans of the peoples of no effect.
    Psalm 33: 11. The counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of HIS heart to all generations.
    Psalm 33: 12. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, and the people whom HE has chosen as HIS own inheritance.”.

  4. Thank you for your faithfulness in writing your blog, David. I have learned so much and it has truly been an inspiration. It is facinating how small Israel is and the forces which stand against this land and nation. I commend our Prime Minister Harper for representing our strong stand in support of Israel. Our future scripture readings will be facinating surrounding prophesies about this Holy Land and our seemless connection with it. Thanks again for sharing with us your amazing travel to Israel during such a turbulant time, and I pray for your rest and recovery from such a journey.

  5. I am so thankful to the Lord for Mr. Harper, for his leadership in Canada concerning Israel. Like Esther of old, we can say: “For such a time as this”.
    Thank you for this link David and Ron.
    So thankful for the protection the Lord gave you while you were in Israel.

  6. Welcome home my friend. I have learned much through your blog as you travelled the Holy Land. It has been exciting to watch your blog and listen to world politics as the prophetic is revealed. Praise God we have a Prime Minister who is standing with this amazing country Israel. I feel like I have been received a wonderful bird’s eye view of the hisotical yet living, Word of God.

  7. So happy to see the video of Harper taking the stand of Canada with Israel and the Jewish people. Good over evil shall prevail.

    David’s description of the size of Israel being comparable to Lake Ontario seemed metaphoric. The land on which Jesus walked and ministered was so small on a geographical level. But, similar to the tiny mustard seed that grows, like faith–His love has spread to envelop so much of the world.

  8. Thank you David for your personal words
    I just received “Healing Atmosphere” a few days ago and enjoy it very much
    Thank you for the C.D. I believe God will heal weather here or in heaven . ?ou are
    in my prayers
    Lianne Hobb

  9. Hi David You made every Canadian that watched the video of our Prime Minister standing up in defense of Israel proud. We are obviously being led by a very Godly man. We must continue to support Israels existence for they are the Apple of God’s eye, and in the future he has chosen to have his seat of power in the New Jerusalem forever.We pray for now an end to the demonization,double standard against them and the deligitimization of Israel in our day.Thank God for the privilege of Intercessory Prayer! Thank you once again David for your faithfulness to our Lord.

  10. Thank u for your blog and your prayers David.

    What lept off the page for me after reading about Samuel is the:

    Lord returned again to Shiloh.

    It is a new beginning for me
    For my walk with the Lord
    For experiencing His presence and His grace and His mercy.
    Once again.

    I know that it is a new beginning, again for me.
    The Lord knows who I am and He knows who we all are.
    He is calling to us.
    Will we respond to His call?


    The Lord will return again to Shiloh.

    I want that and I know u do as well.

    For all the people that have been crying out to God for our nation of Canada.
    In 2009, In jan the Lord gave me the first chapter of Genesis where it states that the Spirit of the Lord was hovering, brooding over the waters.
    Over my life, over the life of my family, over the lives of all who live in Canada.
    Once again the Lord is moving, is hovering, is covering, is brooding, is creating a new thing, a new move of God, a new thing.

    The Lord returned AGAIN to Shiloh.
    The emphasis on again b/c like all people who have known the Lord and strayed or made wrong choices or danced to the wrong tune or openly or covertly sinned.

    The Lord is going to bring them all back home.
    Like the song states.
    I hear the sound of the train on the edge of town.
    I hear the thunder in the distance.
    He is going to send revival and He is going to bring them all back home.

    The Lord returned again to Shiloh.

    I am amazed at those words.
    I know that in time Father God will reveal all.

    What if Hannah had never cried out to God for a child?
    What if Hannah had not brought up Sameul after he was weaned?

    So many What if’s in my life in all of our lives?
    God is faithful and He will return.

    The Lord returned to Shiloh.
    I want to be there to greet Him

    Thank u again for your blog and your daily teachings and the access to the word of God.

    In Christ

  11. Welcome home, David, Norma-Jean, Ron and Ann. I am a bit late but I have ended up in Emerg twice in the last week. I’m not sure what the Lord wants but I’m trusting the Lord for healing and waiting on the health system as well. Anyway, it’s been a learning experience. I’ve really enjoyed the Healing tape; it’s a real gift from the Lord. I never saw Prime Minister Harper’s video but I too really appreciate his stand for Israel. God promised to bless the people and nations who bless Israel, so hopefully it will be the revival my fellow blogger spoke about. Halleluyah! Thank you for your continued help and insights, David.

  12. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to set aside a moment to learn and be with God’s people, hear His words and worship Him. Thank you for not letting His words fall to the ground. If I can’t start my day with this moment, I thank God when the time opens up in my day to seek out this lesson. This is exciting! I so look forward to this. Praise God!

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