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Suggested Reading: Numbers 27-28

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Two ladies re-enact First Century life at Nazareth Village in Nazareth.


Key Verse: Numbers 27:22-23

So Moses did as the Lord commanded him. He took Joshua and set him before Eleazar the priest and before all the congregation. And he laid his hands on him and inaugurated him, just as the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses.

Our reading begins with God’s concerns for women’s rights, and proceeds to document the protocol for choosing a new leader. The gracious way that Moses carried out the transfer is a testimony to the quality of his character. Instead of a desperate attempt to retain power, he prays for his successor and expresses concern for the welfare of the people. Moses had 40 years of wilderness travel, during which time his ability and reputation as a leader were frequently under fire. His character was not shattered by tough times, but rather strengthened. We can learn here that it is not success that builds character, but trials, tribulations and difficult circumstances. James 1:2-3 tells us to “Consider it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”


Lord God, I pray for Your will in my life so that, like Moses, I will experience the development of Godly character. Help me to learn to accept Your direction, denying my own desires, and submitting to Your desires for my life. Through Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, I pray. Amen!


I was 67 years old when I stepped aside from senior leadership of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. and the Crossroads Television System (click on them to see the websites of these organizations). I continued as a board member of CTS, a network of TV stations, and accepted the “Social Concerns” portfolio for CCCI. I understand these concerns to be the weighty moral issues that impact us all in various ways. Recently, I saw a 3-D ultra sound photograph of our newest great-grandchild (see photo below). She is Ron and Ann’s granddaughter, and the daughter of Andrea and Jason. Her name is Jadice, and she is due to be born on January 1st. I’ve asked Ron to put that picture of Jadice on today’s blog. I ask the reader to look carefully at Jadice. Those who proclaim so-called, “pro choice” are willing to have that little one torn apart in a most cruel manner. I weep now as I contemplate the many lives, full of such great promise, that have been destroyed by abortion. I believe that this is the most important moral concern today. I’ve just read Jesus’ final prophecy to our tour group, here in Israel where I’m posting this blog. A great multitude of the people mourned as Jesus carried His Cross. Also the women mourned and He turned to them and said… (see Luke 23:28-31).

Yours for the development in us all of Jesus’ character,



3-D ultrasound of Ron & Ann's granddaughter, due on January 1st.

22 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 20, 2012

  1. Romans 5:3-4 (ESV)
    Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.

  2. An amazing picture of the beauty of a life and soul within! One scripture in todays reading struck me on how some become visually impaired, if only seeing one another in the flesh and personality as chemical reactions.
    Num 27:16 (a) “Let the Lord, the GOD OF ALL SPIRITS OF ALL FLESH …”
    To only imagine what it would be like to wake up one morning void of flesh, and seeing and interacting with all others around, by spirit only! In reality, this essentially happens. Abortionists only see the flesh, in combination with “circumstances”, which they believe are compelling. The spirit and soul of your grandaughters image clearly resonates life, God’s creation.

  3. Psalm 139 comes to mind as I look upon this picture.
    Ps. 139 : 14 says: “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex”
    Praying the Lord’s blessings upon this little one’s life!
    We also continue to pray for safety for your group in Israel.

    • that was the scripture passage that came to mind as well Wilma…being fearfully and wonderfully made. What a blessing awaits the ‘chosen’ parents and family in this precious little child.

  4. I pray that if someone is struggling with the choice of abortion that this site is revealed to her. I also pray for all of the babies in Israel as they surely do not understand what is going on. I don’t understand what is going on, how can there be so much hate in a world where so much needs to be done? There are people starving to death, homeless, sick, elderly and yet resources are being used to cause even more pain. I just don’t understand, I pray for your tour’s safe arrival and ask the Father to bring peace to Israel and to the inhabitants.

    • I agree.
      some days it seems that if only we could love honor and respect one another the world would be so much better.
      We tend to hoard when we should give and people in leadership positions can sometimes be only out for themselves.
      There are enough resources to go around. God gave us everything we need to be blessed and to bless others.

  5. I agree David. I think this is the greatest tragedy of our country today; The complete refusal to recognize the sanctity of life of our most vulnerable members of society. I grieve with the thought of millions of slaughtered babies that have been taken from the place where they should be the most protected.

  6. I could never understand how people could abortion a baby.
    I have 6 wonderful sons.One went ahead of me to be with the Lord.
    They are such a blessing to me.The Lord be with you in Israel,and keep you safe..

  7. My daughter had an unplanned pregnancy almost 8 years ago, she was unmarried and still living with us, her parents. When she told us of the pregnancy, and to say the least, we were shocked, I told her that absoultley abortion was not an option. Today we have a beautiful grandson and his name is Matthew, meaning God’s gift. And when David was on his Thank You Canada Tour, he stopped in Revelstoke and I asked David if he would sign Matthew’s bible, which he so graciously did. I also weep at the lives lost through abortion. Congratulations Mainse family for the up and coming promise of a beautiful daughter.

  8. In today’s reading I like the bravery of the women who stood up and the Lord agreed with them.
    The Lord cares for women as they are created in His image as well.
    I love the scripture-there is no male nor female nor Greek nor Jew we are all one in Christ.
    No more separation from God -Hallejah-
    I do love the picture of the little girl in the womb
    Waiting and resting and looking so perfect with her little nose and mouth and eyes
    Cuddling up to her mom.
    Blessings on Jadice and her parents who were chosen to care for her.
    I also pray for the women who had abortions. God cares and loves them as well. I keep thinking there must be a lot of babies in Heaven. I used to work with an organization called Birthright. If we are going to say do not have abortions then we have a moral obligation to offer help. Provide much needed emotional support, give mom’s what they need to raise children or give options such as adoptions. I had 2 friends who had an abortions, a mother who had one -due to health reasons- she was going to die. Also one of my dtr’s friend had one.
    In all cases the women suffered. Almost all had atonement babies or became very promisicous (sp) I was not a Christian until my dtr’s friend had an abortion. We prayed and asked her not to. But to no avail. Within 2 years she had another baby that she kept.
    I pray for all women who had to make difficult choices and made the wrong choices in their lives.
    They need God’s forgiveness and love.
    We as Christians are called to love individuals not condemn them or judge them which is quite easy to do.
    We are called to show the love of Christ to them so that they will come to Christ as well.
    I have made many wrong choices in my live.
    Before I knew Christ and afterwards but now I know God’s grace and mercy and I want to extend it to the rest of the world.
    I don’t always succeed but I am trying to.
    With God’s help I can do anything but in these days that we live in I want to extend grace and mercy more than other thing.
    So my prayer today is that I extend grace and mercy
    Blessings to all my fellow bloggers.
    May God’s favour and love surrond you today.
    Esp. for David in Israel and his family
    And for the nation of Israel and Benjamin N. as he has to make many difficult decisions.
    In Christ

  9. Ditto to Mellany,s Beautiful thoughts and words!!Blessings to Baby Jadice,Mom,Dad,and all the Family!! Thanks for sharing,such Wonder & Beauty,that The Lord has Made!!

  10. Lord God, I pray for Your will in my life so that, like Moses, I will experience the development of Godly character. Help me to learn to accept Your direction, denying my own desires, and submitting to Your desires for my life. Through Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, I pray. Amen!

    Borrowing your prayer David!!

    Enjoyed seeing the picture of your new Great Granddaughter!! Thank you!!

    Please all come home to Canada safely!!

    Nancy Webb-Waisberg, Edmonton, Alberta

  11. I echo and agree with all the comments given above. My parents, who are both gone now have over one hundred grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. I pray for them everyday. I wonder why there is such care for animals in this country and no protection for unborn children. I’ve looked at Jadice more that once and she is beautiful and so protected in the womb. This is truly a human being. I have a nephew who was head of a local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Children are such a gift from God and you will really appreciate them in your old age. Praying for you much today David for a safe journey home.

  12. Can you believe this little one is so beautiful, Great Grand-Dad?? She’s beautiful even to us who are not related…Of course, she must look like her Mother, Grandmother and Great grandmother… She didn’t have a chance to be anything but BEEE–UUUUU–TEEFULL!! Congratulations, everybody! God is so good!

  13. Dear David thank you so much for sharing with us God s most precious gift of all ..You are all in our prayers for a safe return
    God bless you all

  14. A beautiful baby, your coming great-grandbaby. What a blessing from God.
    I have 20 grandchildren, and 3 great-garandsons, the forth to arrive in Aprl.
    Prayers nd blessings to you and the tour group. I pray that Our God will
    bring peace to Israel.
    Maureen Biegel

  15. Oh, my, how amazed I was to see little Jadice, who is also our granddaughter, in your blog today! We are so looking forward to her arrival! I pray God will end the awful sin of abortion and protect these precious little lives!

  16. Wow! The picture of your precious little great granddaughter in the womb took my breath away! l’ve never seen anything like it! She looks like a sculpture and absolutely beautiful! l hope some of our law makers who think it’s only a blob in the womb will somehow see this! What a miracle human life is, to think we are made in the very image of God! Oh Wow!

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