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Suggested Reading: Numbers 3

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A Jewish man holds his Hebrew writings and prays at the Western "Wailing" Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

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Key Verse: Numbers 3:12

Now behold, I Myself have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of every firstborn who opens the womb among the children of Israel. Therefore the Levites shall be Mine.

Moses was a descendant of Levi, one of the sons of Jacob. Here, God commands Moses to separate the Levites from all of the other Children of Israel so they can be consecrated to Him for the service of the Tabernacle, and to represent God to the people and the people to God. God chose Moses when he was a tiny baby and gave him favour with Pharoah’s daughter so that Moses was raised in the culture and learning of Egypt. God sent Moses into the wilderness for 40 more years of education and experience before he was ready to lead all the tribes out of Egypt.

In our key verse, God hints at His great plan of redemption. In this case, it is one Levite for each firstborn of all Israel; eventually, it was to be God’s Firstborn and only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for all mankind.


Lord God, just as You organized the Children of Israel, organize me and my descendants so that we may fulfill Your purpose. Please continue to do this for every family who seeks to follow Your will for their lives. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


I believe God made a choice when my great-grandfather was converted in a Methodist revival. His Dad was a drunk who gambled away the farm and then disappeared from the scene, never to be found. The future of the Mainse side of my family was determined by an act of God in the salvation of Joseph Mainse. His sons, Allen, my grandfather, and Edward, my great-uncle, were known as great men of prayer. My Father, Roy, was called of God to preach and teach the Word of God. God separated me for His purpose. My children, Elaine and Bruce Stacey, Ellen and Nizar Shaheen, Reynold and Kathy Mainse, and Ron and Ann Mainse, all have the call of God on their lives.

Yours to emphasize that God is at work in your family too,


16 thoughts on “Monday, November 5, 2012

  1. We can be of great influence for good (or bad) both inside and outside of our family life. Jesus wants us to walk in the way of righteousness to touch the lives of others around us, that they might come to know the righteousness of the Lord as well. David, that was an amazing story about your family line and how the influence of a Godly man reached through the generations. I pray that we might all have such an influence in our own families.

  2. I also agree with what Scott said. David you are in my prayers I ordered ” Healing Atmosphere ” as I need it as well and look forward to listening to it
    God Bless you
    Lianne Hogg

  3. That is a great story of your grandparents, David. Last night I invited my two friends in to view the DVD of my nephew’s wedding this year in Portland, Maine to a beautiful black Zambian girl(both Christian). What a cross that is for my family and will be interesting what God brings out of it. We serve a great God.

  4. Hi David, How blessed you and your family are! Things haven’t always been easy but you have stayed the course.Some would have tended to jump ship backing away from front line ministry,but you have modeled to us the better way! If we are called to the front lines we are to Hang in there, God always has a marvelous plan to thwart the ploys of the enemy,and for the sake of our generations coming after us our faithfulness will directly bring blessing and opportunity to them too,to serve likewise. May our Lord continue to bless you all.

  5. In the latter verses of Numbers 3 we read of being redeemed by silver. But for all of us who have put our trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ our redemption came through His prescious blood.
    We too have been set apart for His service. Just a thought as I was reading this chapter. Blessings to one and all!

  6. David, you are truly an inspiration to me and so many. For years members of my church have gathered Tues. mornings at 7:00 to pray. Being recently retired I thought about going but couldn’t get myself up to go. When I started reading your blog I thought if you can get up that early so faithfully and write your blog then I can get up to go pray and I been going ever since. Thankyou for being some a faithful servant. I continue to pray for long life and good health in Jesus’ name.

  7. In the living room of my home, there is hangs a portrait that I treasure. It of my Great Grandfather Allen Mainse and his wife my Great Grandmother Parthena Snider as a young couple. I have the honour of being named after Allen Mainse. This portrait was passed down to me from my Grandmother Myrtle, Allen’s daughter. She also was a woman of prayer, a Godly woman. I thank God that Joseph Mainse responded to God’s call. I am thankful that you David (my cousin) responded to God’s call. May God continue bless you and your family.

  8. Thanks, David, for sharing your family tree and God’s marvelous guiding hand in it. So grateful He was at work throughout the generations, in your family, to bring you to us, and so many others, around the world. What a blessing!!!

    • Dear David It is so encouraging to know that in an instant GOD can give salvation for one who is willing to surrender .We will go on trusting our Saviour JESUS CHRIST for bringing our loved ones to him
      GOD bless you all.

  9. I am praying and believing for my family.
    I keep saying God is mighty in battle b/c I am in a battle for my family.
    Until God tells me to let go I will continue to pray, to believe that God is soverign.
    That He is full of compassion, mercy and grace.
    That He has a plan and a promise for my household.
    That He can break generational curses and redeem what the enemy has stolen.
    That He can break hearts bound by anger, by depression, by worry, by jealously,by mistrust
    That He can bust open the dam and wash away the drought ,the damage of lost lives, of lost hopes and dreams.
    I serve a loving God who redeems
    Who is full of compassion and mighty in battle.
    I love Him

    Thank u for sharing your story David and may God bless u and your family mightily.
    Your story gives me hope.

    In Christ

    • Sounds like you are describing the battle I am in for my family…I have to continually encourage myself in The Lord b/c I am the sole warrior in my family.


  10. Thank you for the encouragement – my two daughters have walked away from the Lord – but I BELIEVE He still has His hands on them. As an aside = it is interesting that the tribe of |Judah was to camp at the east side – where the sun rose. So too, did the Lion of Judah – the Sonrise – shedding His precious blood for the remission of our sins. Blessings David. Yours in Christ Ellen

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