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Suggested Reading: John 12

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The view towards the Old City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Mt. Zion is central on the horizon. The City of David is on the left and in the foreground is the high point on the wall which is known as the pinnacle of the Temple.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.


Key Verses: John 12:10-11 & John 12:31

But the chief priests plotted to put Lazarus to death also, because on account of him many of the Jews went away and believed in Jesus (vv. 10-11) … Now is the judgement of this world, now the ruler of this world will be cast out (v. 31)

Like Lazarus, we who believe in Jesus have been raised from the dead. Ephesians 2:1 describes us as “dead in trespasses and sins,” but now “made alive.” We are living proof that Jesus is real and that He brings new life where there was death.

Our second key verse declares the reality of what happened at the cross. The world, with its pride and rejection of God, mistakenly thought it was judging Jesus. The opposite is true. God was judging the world by the way it treated His Son. The so-called “ruler of this world” thought he was the winner, but again the opposite is true. The pretender to the throne was cast out. Jesus is King. His eternal Kingdom was established forever and ever. Amen!


Jesus, You are Lord of all. Grant that I may demonstrate that I’ve come out of the grave and discarded the grave clothes. May my life be the proof that You judged the world and deposed its ruler. I celebrate my new life with great joy. Thank You, Jesus! Amen!


I thank you who send me a reply. I read what you have written. I would like to answer every question but that is impossible. The best way to get answers is by asking your Pastor or a Bible teacher at your local congregation. You can critique what I have written with your friends on facebook, or better still, in a home Bible study with your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you start a home study group, get the blessing of your church. Beware of false teachers who may come to your door or who may be on radio or TV. There is protection in the fellowship of a church which is affiliated with an established denomination. Here in Canada, you can check the website of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada for affiliated churches. Also, there are local congregations of the historic denominations which may not be a part of the EFC which are true to the historic Christian faith. Check out the church. Click here for the most ancient declaration and summary of our faith, “The Apostles Creed.” Still have questions? Make an appointment with a Pastor.

Yours for the glory of the One Who said, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself” (John 12:32),


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  1. Thankyou for your words of wisdom and love. Too often we think that by believing in and leaning on God we are never alone but somehow we still feel alone. We forget that God’s “church” is His people and need people around us in church, prayer group, or wherever to help us feel what we know.

  2. Brother (and such an incredible elder of the Church) David,

    My wife (Jade) and I have been reading your daily blog for the past several months and are so uplifted by the format, content (including Reynold’s beautiful photos) and ‘fruit of spirit’ that you write in!

    Although we’ve met you once before (in Kanata @ your ‘Thank you Canada’ tour) given how Jade & I have been watching 100 Huntley for years now and are regular ministry supporters, we feel as if you are our Grandfather in Christ! We are praying for you, your incredible family and the Ministry on a daily basis.

    This is the first time we’ve shared all of this with you, and thought it was an appropriate day to do so as your scripture selections for today, along with your insight “We are living proof that Jesus is real and that He brings new life where there was death…” is so true…our first child / 5-month old beautiful baby daughter ‘Mikaela Serenity Brayman’ is being Baptized today!! Please pray for her that she may be a beacon of light, salt of the earth and do GREAT THINGS in Jesus’ name while she is here on earth as it is in Heaven!

    We hope to raise our kids in a loving, Christian home, and your blog and the Crossroads ministry certainly helps us with this way of life…of course Jesus is in charge of it all- AMEN! While here, we are evangelical Catholic Christians like your friend (now in heaven) Fthr.Bob who co-hosted Huntley for a while. Like you said in today’s entry “Also, there are local congregations of the historic denominations which may not be a part of the EFC which are true to the historic Christian faith.” We are part of such a church: St.Leonard’s church in Manotick.
    The great thing among all believers is that we are part of ‘one-body’ and know that there is only 1 Church in Heaven: Jesus’ non-denominational Church!!!
    I wanted to bring this up as I feel it’s important for you (and others) in leadership to continue to promote unity within the church, regardless of denomination- as long as it remains true to the trinity, the Apostles Creed, etc. So THANK YOU and PRAISE BE TO GOD FOR THIS!!

    Again- god bless you, and thanks again for being such a great teacher, ambassador of faith!

    With love,

    John (and Jade, Mikaela)

  3. Dear Rev. Mainse
    I thank God for your sincere and honest faith in Christ that you are still expressing through your blog even after retirement and in spite of your illness.
    It must have been a work of the Spirit in your heart that over the decades you were able to see God’s presence alive and active beyond the evangelical world. It is because of Crossroad’s inclusive, welcoming perspective that my husband and I have just started volunteering on the Prayer Lines.
    Although I grew up in a fundamentalist church, I now attend a United Church where our ministers preach the scripture and love Jesus.
    May you continue to find the peace and strength you need.

  4. Lord, help me to be ever aware of my shortcomings, my failure to do what I know to be right, and my neglecting of you in much of what I do and say. Please forgive me for not thinking the right thoughts or doing the right actions. Please forgive me of my sin. By your grace, help me to be a better follower of You in all I do and say in the world, for I know that I need to be a better example. Help me to grow in You Lord, please help me to grow and to develop an ever increase of the fruits of the Spirit. I love you Lord and I give thanks to You for saving me from the depths of Hell, which is where I was headed years ago before You saved me. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

    • Brother Scott, your prayer is exactly the type of humbling, repentant and pure prayer that is a model for us all to use to ask our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to cover our sins with his precious blood, and give us life with his living water. THANK YOU.

      God bless, and I will pray for you!


  5. First, a comment for David SR; I appreciate your warnings regarding false teacher out there; although I agree with you that there are ministries out there that either, do not teach the truth outright or, twist the truth, there are also some good ministries on the airwaves from which I have learned a lot. ( including 100 Huntley Street ) Secondly; Scott, are you sure you didn’t write that piece for me? It fits me like a glove! Thank you for putting my sentiments in print. Thirdly; Donna Jean Brown, I started attending Nanaimo’s first Baptist church ( except the last two weeks I have been under the weather ) and it appears to be a Bible believing and teaching church. ( they kicked off operation Christmas Child for this area a few weeks back ) My question to you is: if I was looking for a church, would you recommend the United Church? They ordain GAY ministers, do they not, or, have they stopped doing that? I have a friend who left the UNITED years ago for that reason. I mean no offence, Donna, I was just wondering. Have a good day everyone. In JESUS name, Amen.

      • Oops got cut off. I was going to say how much I enjoy your writings every day. I came out of the United Church back in 1989 just as these contraversies were gaining steam. The congregation was quite liberal at the time. Today this same congregation is very evangelical and is blessed with a godly clergyman and board. So you can see how God can use a local church for good even if it is rotten-to-the-core liberal on it’s executive councils and with it’s moderators. The United Church of Canada would do well to study and learn from it’s reformation roots and the teachings of John Wesley. Anyhow I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  6. I enjoy seeing the beauty of the pictures that your son took.
    Hopefully one day he will be able to do a book with a commentary.

    I have never been to Israel.
    I would like to go one day.
    If not now when Jesus reigns from there.

    Thank u for your blog and your wisdom
    May God give u peace and rest along with Norma Jean and your family.


    • Dear David, looking forward to see you this week on 100 Huntley
      Thank you Lord for letting me be part of a virtual fellowship since the first day of David’s blog discovering each day what an Amazing Teacher,Redeemer,Saviour we have in Jesus amen!

  7. It is about time you get off that soapbox! It is my turn now! ( just kidding! ) Seriously, I appreciate your reply with your added comments. After my first post today, I did a little research and discovered that the current United Church Moderator is openly Gay! In this case, does one rotten apple spoil the whole barrel? In the Catholic Church I grew up in, they deal with pedophile clergy and cover it up! In todays day and age, one needs to tread CAREFULLY! ( as David Sr. stated. ) if we stay close to the WORD, we should not be too easily deceived!? In closing, I have two words to say to Lorna and Lianne: THANK YOU!! So there!! P.S. Anyone who enjoys Bluegrass music, Streema Gospel Grass from DeRidder Louisiana, wonderful Christian Tunes. Super harmonies! Enjoy! In JESUS name, Amen.

  8. love this blog… thank you david, i also enjoy reading the comments! there’s always so much to learn! and i thought i knew everything… hahaha just kidding!! Gods love and blessings to all!

  9. God loves us, just as us just as we are. As scripture reminds us today, Jesus Christ is our light and will continue to guide our paths, in this journey we live.

    • God knows the difference He can make in our lives, if we trust His Holy Spirit. Though we may believe this, it is important to yield and lend ourselves to time.

  10. Dear David, did you know that the Tribes were assigned around the Tabernacle in such a way that it formed a Cross.
    Regards John

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