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Suggested Reading: Leviticus 27

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Jay and Meridel Rawlings are long time personal friends, as well as friends of Crossroads. Now residents of Jerusalem, these Canadians have lead an effective ministry in Israel for over 25 years. They are standing near the Golden Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Key Verse: Leviticus 27:30

And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s. It is holy to the Lord.

Our reading today is the last chapter of Leviticus. Tomorrow we move to the Gospel of John. Remember, if you are just beginning (new readers join every day), two years from today, God willing, you’ll finish reading the entire Bible.

What about the tithe? God owns everything, therefore it is only reasonable that we pay rent, board and room, etc. We need to recognize that 10% of our gross income, whether in cattle, produce, or money belongs to Him. In fact, if we don’t pay this sliding scale, depending on our gain, we rob God, according to Malachi 3:8-12. That final book of the old testament also gives God’s promises to those who faithfully give tithes and offerings (over and above the tithe). New Testament believers not only paid their tithe, but on average gave much more back to God. Why emphasize the tithe when many followers of Jesus gave 30% or even 100% (Acts 2:42-47)? Of course, in today’s reading, under the Law, if someone wanted their gifts back, they paid one-fifth more.


Lord Jesus, I thank You for the freedom of Grace. We give as You have prospered us with joyful and generous hearts. I’ve just read again, Lord, 1 Cor. 16:2, where the example of the believers was to give every Sunday for the needs of others. What a blessing You’ve given us, to partner with You for Your great cause. Keep me faithful I pray. In the Name of the One who gave all, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


Reynold has provided a picture of two of our beloved friends who live in Israel. Jay and Meridel Rawlings exemplify the New Testament teaching on giving to God. At the end of the 1960’s, as a young couple with a little son, they gave up everything to follow the Lord’s leading. I was their pastor and I saw it happen. Jay was assistant administrator of a local Hamilton hospital and Meridel was a nurse there. They drove a sparkling “Sting Ray” sports car. They sold everything and left for the mission field of the Philippines. From there, they were called of God around the world to minister with the Jewish people. There’s too much to tell here. Why not check out their web site here, and pray for this precious couple?

Yours for joyous and liberal giving,


P.S. Be sure to watch 100 Huntley Street during the membership drive from October 15 – 26. Respond if you are so moved to the great challenge presented.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    • What an amazing, informative blog today! I always get so overwhelmed when I find people who actually ‘hear’ God speak to them and they obey, regardless of the consequences. I know there’s a God when a couple live a life like this and are protected throughout their journey all for the main purpose of bringing HIS people back to ISRAEL, HIS LAND. Shalom

  1. I believe God desires us to contribute what we can (financially and otherwise), bearing in mind our responsibility to our family and children. I see Tithing 10% of our Gross income (plus gift offerings) as excessive among many believers and I do not believe God is “robbed,” if anything less is given. Giving in gratitude is a blessing.

  2. David, you are a very compassionate man, unlike I’ve ever known. Your response to Amanda Todd, native suicide and the Crossroads initiative for our youth, speaks of your personal commitment, compassion and life. We can all learn.

  3. The Bible is clear…. we Rob God if we do not tithe the way he has asked us to .. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom….so when we obey in the tithe dept …everything else falls into place…We Can Not Out Give God….i have proved this over and over …and as a widow…i had fear come over me…but..He showed me to be Faithful and obey…i did …. and i have never been without….PTL ..
    100 Huntley St is hard for me this week as i almost took my life in 1995..but i Gave my life to Jesus instead through 100 Huntley st… So this week & next ..i praise Him that He heard my cry and im a Life changed by ( Life changing television ) thank you David for your drive for the Lost…..even at 49 yrs…old..

  4. Regarding giving, when I became a widow and was on a limited income, I felt I couldn’t afford to give 10%. I’m so thankful to God for proving to me that I cannot afford NOT to give what rightfully belongs to Him! It’s a joy to give extra offerings as well when prompted by The Holy Spirit. He promises to meet ALL my needs, so I know I can trust Him every day – He is a WONDERFUL God! Marianne

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