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Suggested Reading: Leviticus 13

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The ancient Caesarea Maritima city and harbour was built by Herod the Great about 25-13 BC. It served as an administrative centre of Judaea Province of the Roman Empire. You can read in Acts chapter 10 about the story of Cornelius, who lived in Caesarea.


GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.


Key Verse: Leviticus 13:44

…he is a leprous man. He is unclean. The priest shall surely pronounce him unclean; his sore is on his head.

When Jesus healed the 10 lepers, as recorded in Luke 17, He said to them, “Go show yourselves to the priest.” The priests were the medical doctors of the day. Jesus’ miracles will always stand the test of medical scrutiny. The word “leprosy” is found 28 times in Leviticus alone. Obviously, God and Moses treated this disease most seriously. There are two purposes for the instructions concerning leprosy. First, the health of those suffering from this dreaded disease, as well as the protection of others from the disease, and second, the spiritual lesson that leprosy illustrates. Leprosy demonstrates the spiritual corruption that will infect God’s people if left untreated, if there is no separation from sin.


Lord, please bless those that serve us in the medical profession. You care about every detail concerning our health and the treatment of our diseases. You are our Healer, Lord Jesus. Please help me to keep clean spiritually. Give me a heart that yearns to honour You always in all I do, say, and think. I pray these blessings through the Person of the One who healed many lepers, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


From time to time Norma-Jean and I have sent offerings to the Leprosy Mission of Canada. A pill has been developed which can halt and reverse the spread of this disease, particularly if taken regularly at an early stage. Thousands have been helped. In the early 1970’s I travelled to Calcutta. There I spent time with Mark Buntain, who established a wonderful Christian congregation, and in the 1980’s built a great hospital. In a Sunday morning service we were together at the altar laying hands on the sick, praying for their healing. Before me stood a lady with an obvious leprous sore on her head. To my shame, I drew my hand back, but not Mark. He laid his hand upon her forehead, not touching the sore, and prayed. The following Wednesday she appeared at the church totally healed. She was pregnant at the time. I knew my family would agree, and we took on the support of the Avatoon family (the husband and father had left them). She named the new baby David, after me. I have never felt so unworthy. Today, the three children are professionals in various fields and the mother has never had a return of leprosy. Reynold, our son, met one of the daughter’s in Calcutta a few years back and took a picture (below). What a joy to receive his first-hand report! Reynold and his wife Kathy were there dedicating a school building project on behalf of Crossroads Missions. Many of you supported this project that helped to get young children out of working in the dumps and into school. The project was called “Treasures in the Trash.” To view their report of this school from 2005, click here.

Yours because of God’s concern for every person,



One of the daughter's of the woman who was healed of leprosy.


9 thoughts on “Friday, October 5, 2012

  1. Such a moving testimony, David. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, this morning.

    The daughter is SO beautiful–you can see the light of the Spirit in her! We serve such an amazing and powerful God!

  2. At 3:57 Am in Nanaimo, BC, I have just read today’s blog and also watched Reynold and Carhy’s video about the school in Calcutta. David, have you ever met Mother Theresa? She was certainly one of the closest people to God ever here on earth! She will be given many rewards in the Kingdom! Crossroads is certainly doing it’s share of the Lord’s work in various locations around the world and will most certainly be rewarded in the Kingdom also! May God continue to bless you all and thank you for sharing everyday. Have a great Friday, everyone.

  3. Thank you for your inspirational message today. It is wonderful to see healthy adults who were children of miracles and healing. Yesterday, I stood in reflection, near the helipad where my grandson was flown from Credit Valley Hospital to Sick Childrens Hospital, in Toronto. After much hospitalization and medical care, he is well and growing stronger day-by-day. Of course, many have not survived and are overseen by God’s love. I thank God and all guided hands in the medical profession.

  4. Your prayer is my prayer, David.Thankyou so much for sharing your life with us.What a beautful reflection of Gods’ love that girl is! Thankyou Reynold
    for your anointed photography.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving David, Norma Jean, and all!

  5. What a beautiful young lady, born as the result of God’s grace and the power of prayer. We regularly have “Prayer for Healing” special services in our church. As one who prays with our pastors and elders for those who are hurting, today’s blog is especially encouraging. Thank you for your humble heart and edifying blog.
    Have a joyous thanksgiving with Norma Jean and all your loved ones.

  6. Thankyou so much for sharing both the leprosy story & the school. It is so satisfying to see the results of the hard work prople have put in to make these people’s life better. Thankyou for Crossroads. & thankyou for this blogg.

    This Daily inspiration along with the pictures has changed my life.

  7. I need healing and deliverance. Have not conducted myself as one who experienced Gods love 25 years ago, in fact, thanks to facebook and the phone, have brought his name in disrepute. I feel as though God’s spirit has left me. Even my belly aches and my body is withering away-I think it’s due to my iniquities. Gave up because I just seem to fail at and mess everything up that I touch. Please pray for my children as my disobedience has greatly harmed their faith. Loved Jesus very much and tried my best to raise my kids in the Lord, yet I did not withstand the adversity that came my way, now I can’t even read the Bible w/o a heavy sense of condemnation. I actually sense that he is gone. Just can’t do anything right.

  8. Thank you David for sharing with us. It is such a blessing to have someone share from their heart, and your humble attitude gives me courage to recognize that when we fall short, Jesus is there with open arms. What a beautiful young lady — a result of your obedience to HIM! Oh how I need these lessons of obedience.

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