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Suggested Reading: Luke 11

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Between the Mount of Olives and the old city walls of Jerusalem is the Kidron Valley. The cone-shaped structure is the Tomb of Absalom and is the first of three major tombs as you go down the valley. Behind Absalom's Tomb are thousands of Jewish graves that face towards the Eastern Gate, where they believe the Messiah will some day enter the city.

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Key Verse: Luke 11:13

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!

We won’t miss anything Jesus does if we are following Him closely and watching Him carefully. Jesus and the disciples would’ve often passed by the upside down funnel shape of Absalom’s Tomb (also known as “Absalom’s Pillar” – 2 Sam. 18:18). Would they have talked about the fact that Absalom was filled with pride, so much so that he tried, by force, to take his father David’s throne? We don’t have a record of such a conversation. Jesus will speak of things to us if we’re close enough to hear Him. He’ll share lessons from everyday things we see. Jesus said, “When He, the Spirit of Truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13). It may be helpful for us to read now the first 15 verses of John 16 and then meditate on our key verse. It is obvious that if we ask for the Holy Spirit and we are willing to receive, and if our Heavenly Father is “more” willing to give of the Holy Spirit than we are to receive, and He is, then we are being filled now and always. We need to begin to praise God now. Worship Him for His generous Gift of the Holy Spirit Who fills us to overflowing (Acts 2:4, Eph. 3:19, Eph. 5:18).


Heavenly Father, I am willing to receive of the Holy Spirit here and now. You have given the Holy Spirit to indwell me when I first believed in Jesus, and every day I need to be filled. I’m reminded of a funnel as I look at the picture of Absalom’s Tomb. I imagine turning the funnel over and You pouring into my life more of the Holy Spirit than I have room to hold inside me. Overflow my life, Lord, so that others around me will experience Your Spirit. In Jesus’ Name I pray, and keep on praying and receiving. Amen!


David Manuel, one-time editor of Doubleday, Canada, and I collaborated on a book back in the seventies called “100 Huntley Street.” It was first published by Logos International of New York city. In the early eighties it was published again by Thomas Nelson of Nashville, and then again in the late nineties under the title “100.” It qualified as a Canadian best-seller each time. The other day, Cindy Klassen, Olympic gold medalist, e-mailed me to ask for a biography of my Dad. I had published his memoirs in the early seventies, but could not find a copy of his book anywhere. In the “100” book I tell some stories of my Dad, Dr. Roy Lake Mainse, and also with David Manuel’s help I told my stories also. I’m sending the only copy I could find to Cindy later today. Why tell you about this? My story of being filled with the Holy Spirit as a 16-year-old is on pages 40 and 41 of the original 1979 publication. Perhaps if you know anybody who has watched or supported 100 Huntley Street over the years, ask them if they have a copy for you. I’m told that over 150,000 copies went somewhere. I’ve been reading here and there in the book this morning. I’m greatly blessed by the memories.

Yours for being filled, and keeping filled, with the Holy Spirit,


P.S. My son Ron tells me that the latest version of my Biography “100” is available online at our Crossroads eStore. Here is a link to the info.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 18, 2012

  1. I believe the Holy Spirit primarily speaks to us today through the word of God, through prayer and through the advice of those men and woman who walk closely with the Lord. When we are daily surrendered to His power, we may claim all that the Holy Spirit offers in the way of His presence, direction and guidance. God truly wants His best for us everyday.

  2. Right now it is raining and all life is being nourished as, of course, without this rain we would perish. The absence of the Holy Spirit to guide, enlighten, admonish and encourage and to reveal gifts each of us have, would likewise be starvation to our soul. I am encouraged by Christ’s teaching in Luke 11:13, how we only need to ask of our heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit will be revealed.

  3. This morning’s blog took me back to read chapter 5-6 of 100 (1999). Chapter 5 ‘No Strings Attached’ speaks of your being filled with the Holy Spirit (pp. 53-54). It has been several years since i read your book and I was delighted to be reminded of your early upbringing, rebellion, guidance and calling. What a blessing you are, David. Both your mom and dad must be beaming down from heaven because of the life you have served for the Lord, number of souls you have led home to Jesus, and inspiration you are to so many of us to pick up and carry our own crosses. Wishing you a blessed day, in Jesus name!

    • Dear David, being one of those souls that you have led to Jesus,I treasure you’re daily blog not being able to physically read the bible.
      Thank you for showing me how to make one of my favorite Psalm 119:11come alive with you’re daily blog ” I have hidden you’re words in my hearth so that I might not sin against you ”
      God Bless You

  4. Expressing our heart as a hearth, “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearths (hearts) of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love.” God can be contained in a building and a book and forgotten unless in church or reading the Bible. Recognize God always with you, both to hear you and to speak to you. God’s temple is as close as the heart (hearth) just a prayer away.

  5. Thank you, David, for continuing to be transparent (telling us about falling asleep while doing your “devotions”)…It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one. Bless you.

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