Monday, August 13, 2012

NOTE from Ron Mainse: My Dad does not know I’m adding this to his blog, but I wanted all of his blog-reader friends to know that today is a special day… Dad’s 76th birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for continuing to be a blessing to so many. I love you.



Suggested Reading: Exodus 8

(click scripture link to read online)

The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is located beneath the cliffs at Deir el Bahari on the west bank of the Nile near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.


Key Verse: Exodus 8:13a

So the Lord did according to the word of Moses.

Moses spoke, and God backed him up with supernatural power. Some have used this reality to get God to do their will. No, no, we are to do God’s will. First we find out the will of God, and then we speak, and God acts accordingly. Jesus’ word was always effective, 100% of the time. Why? Because He could say, “The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do” (John 5:19). Jesus got up very early each morning to spend time with His Father in prayer (Mk 1:35). Jesus functioned as a Man filled with the Holy Spirit. He was, is, and ever shall be fully God, but He laid aside the exercise of His Diety. He took time to find His Father’s plan for the new day, and then did what His Father wanted to do. This is also the way we can know what to speak, and God will do that which we speak as He did for Moses.


Father God, I want what You want. Help me to speak out that which You give me to speak so that “Your will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” I pray this in the Name of Jesus who always, without fail, did Your perfect will. Amen!


I remember Norma-Jean coming home with a booklet entitled, “Hung by the Tongue.” It pointed out the power of our words for good or evil, for positive or negative results. Jesus never ever used His essential divinity for selfish purposes. He lived as a Spirit-filled human being. The temptation of Jesus is an example of this (Matt 4:3-4). He could’ve turned the stones into bread as Satan suggested, but He refused to help Himself in this way. It’s sad to report that there are those today who claim “prosperity” for themselves, twisting the Scriptures, seeking to manipulate God for their own purposes, taking advantage of their position of influence to manipulate people into giving sacrifically so that the manipulator may prosper. Simon the sorcerer did this. Please look this up as I have done (Acts 8:9). Run from those who, like Simon, are “claiming that he was someone great,” and verse 10 says, “All gave heed to him from the least to the greatest saying, ‘This man is the great power of God.'”

Yours for hearing from God each morning and then speaking and doing His will,


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77 thoughts on “Monday, August 13, 2012

  1. Have a happy birthday and a wonderful year in the Lord….thank you for ministering to me through this blog!!
    I turn 76 in Oct! Have watched you on TV for years! as have my mom and sister!
    You are increasing in your love for the Lord and passing the love on to us.

  2. I pray that as we each approach a new day, that we seek what God would have us do in and through us! May His will be done, and only His will. Amen.

    HAPPY 76TH BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! My wife, daughter and I wish you all the best for a very special day! You have been a blessing to all of us through the years and I think I can probably speak for all our blogging buddies when I say that your words have not only informed and educated but they have also enlightened our lives with God’s love. Have a great day with your family and friends … don’t worry about over-indulging on the cake, it’s your special Day! God Bless you and your family.

  3. David: Have a most blessed and happy birthday! Celebrate a life well spent–so many souls in heaven, so many healings,so much encouragement resulting from a life well lived! Someday I hope you’ll publish a book of your Blog!

  4. Happy Birthday David your blog is an inspiration to me daily have a wonderful day and your year ahead, Thanks for all you are doing Irene

  5. Happy Birthday brother David. May God bless you this day and many more to come. Your Blog blesses us daily ,keep up Gods work . We love you in Christ

  6. Happy Birthday David Mainse! I am truly enjoying your blogs and Reynolds pictures. They are truly a blessing to me, so I am sure for many others. God Bless You David with your daily blog, and on your special day!!

  7. Dear David; Happy Birthday. Have a great day and may God enrich your life for many many more years. Your blog is helping me strengthen my walk with Jesus. You are a blessing! What a life you have lived in serving our Lord and Saviour. God Bless You. We love you and Norma-Jean and family. Mary

    and our Lord’s richest blessing for your future years. I am praying for your health. You have been and are such a great blessing to me and our family. I am your age, only 24 days older, and have always looked up to you as a big brother in the Lord.

  9. Hello David,

    Happy 76th birthday! Many Happy returns for the day. May Our Lord bless you with strength to do His will.

    With blessing, Lin

  10. Happy 76th Birthday Pastor David!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! I am so enjoying doing the daily readings with you and your insights into God’s Holy Word. Thank you and may God Bless You and Yours!!!!

  11. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID” May God bless you and your family with many more years to come. I cannot thank you enough for the dailey blog. Bless You, Bless You, Bless You.

  12. Happy Birthday David and may Our Lord and Saviour bless you as you celebrate. Thank you for the many years you have been a blessing to others. I am enjoying you blog and do not care how long it is,, Keep it coming. There is always something in each day for me personally and I know God is at work.

    I do not know what happened on the 10th. But I did not receive my 100Words! HAVE A GREAT DAY and praying you are feeling better during your illness.

  13. Dear David- I know this might sound strange on a day you are being shower with good wishes and blessng, but it is my prayer for you, to experience a deeper relationship with our Lord, far deeper than you have experienced so far, which is pretty deep. This might require you to go through a dark night of soul to get there, and this is not a easy prayer to pray, but I think you understand this is a gift offer in gratitude for years of faithful service. Peace always

  14. happy birthday david
    thank you for your daily blog .It has become a part of my daily routine to read your blog every morning .God bless you and your family

  15. Happy Birthday to You…..Happy Birthday to You….Happy Birthday Dear David…Happy Birthday to You….
    Jesus Loves you ….its True….His Heart Fills with Happiness as He watches over You….
    You are a Blessing….to all of us….. Oh Happy Day…..
    Isaiah 40.31……sending hugs….xoxoxo

  16. God Bless you David. I have found your daily 100 words a blessing and help in my life journey with the Lord. My prayer is for you to have health and vigour in the years ahead and the ability/passion/vision that you have had continue for a long time. May this birthday be blessed and a reminder of how much the Lord loves you. Thank you for the daily blog. Remember your accomplishments with thanks and praise, and know many respect and love you.

  17. Dear David,
    We look eagerly to your blog each morning. We thank Ron for letting us know that today is your birthday. We pray blessings to overtake you on this day, so Happy birthday to you. God bless you as you continue in your service for the Lord.

  18. Hi David,Wow you have turned 76 on it’s head and despite everything you seem more like a lively 67 year old!!! Have a wonderful and blessed birthday! Thank you for your early morning intercessions for all of us and the resulting amazing Blog,ready for those who will sit at your feet to hear the precious gems you share with your Blog family. Well Done!

  19. I always feel blessed reading your blob. Thanks and have a most blessed happy birthday. May you be blessed with many more.

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID MAINSE…….we go away back to when you were pastoring in Sudbury, and Carl was head of Christian Education department.

    We are praying every night, for your health, and really enjoy your blog!

    • Wishing you a Happy Birthday David from our family, may the Lord bless you and yours in a great and mighty way.
      Thank you for the daily blog, and the pictures, what a wonderful way to start the day!!

  21. Happy, Happy Birthday David. I have been so encouraged by you and your family since 1980 when my walk really began.The example your family follow was set by you — and Norma Jean — as you served and obeyed God throughout your years of ministry. What a wonderful blessing you are to so many. I pray God will Bless you as you continue to minister.

  22. Happy 76th Birthday, Mr. Mainse. May the Lord continue to bless you and yours as you are a blessing to us!

  23. Happy Birthday, David. We enjoy your daily comments very much and look forward to reading them about the entire Bible over the next two years, D.V.
    We have great memories of our Israel trip with you and Norma-Jean in May 1984, our most life-changing experience and being baptized by you in the river Jordan. Wishing you God’s richest blessing.
    With our love. Bill and Jane

  24. Happy birthday David!! May your special day be as full of blessings as you are to each of your ‘fans’….. for you are a daily blessing, a mentor, a source of wisdom and encouragement, and such a godly example to us all.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID enjoying ur blog thanks for your wisdom and hope your day is special as special that you are to so many people

  26. Happy Birthday!!! God bless you!!! Your blog each day is something I look forward to very much. Thank you for taking the time each day to do this for all of us to enjoy.

  27. I pray for the grace and mercy of God to fill this Anniversary of your birth with all the goodness of Himself in Jesus’ name

  28. Happy 76th Birthday David I pray you have great day with family and friends as you celebrate on this special day. Thank you again for your blog and sharing with us all what the Lord puts on your heart.

  29. A Blessed Happy Birthday from an ex-Red Laker. I tell people now that “David Mainse slept in my bed”. Although I didn’t give in to God for many years, it’s people like yourself that slowly impressed God’s truth on me…and my mother’s prayers.

  30. Happy Birthday David I wish you health & happiness & many more years to come.
    I have been watching 100 Huntley Street since early in the year. My life has made a huge turn around. I just joined 100 words about a week ago. Thankyou so much for all you do (all of you). I is good to see that there are so many people who are working to make a difference in the world in the name of Jesus. Thankyou again.
    PS: Thankyou to Reynold for the lovely photos.

  31. A Blessed Happy Birthday David from an ex-Red Laker. Only God knew that there would still be a connection 54 years later. It was through the influence of Godly people like yourselves that, years later, drew me to my point of submission. My claim to fame is when I tell people that “David Mainse slept in my bed”. Thank you for your daily influence on our lives through your blog.

  32. Happy Birthday David! Psalm 84, especially verses 11,12. Thank you for blessing me/us with your daily 100 words. It is a privilege to hear from you ‘personally’ each morning. Blessings to you and your family…

  33. Happy 76th old boy! May you be a 1\2 an hour in heaven before the devil knows you are dead! ( thank you, Irish Rovers! ) Many happy returns!

  34. Happy Birthday Blessings being sent your way
    May you have a wonderful celebration day
    Blessinhgs of Hope, Peace & Joy from North Bay!
    Thanking you for sharing with all of us in love
    What you have rec’d from Heavenly Father above
    In Christ, Doreen

  35. I add my blessing to you from the Lord, on this your 76th birthday from one who is totally enjoying your daily blog and learning so much.

  36. Dear Mr. Mainse,

    Have a Wonderful Birthday and enjoy lots of cake !!
    No calories on Birthdays?

    Everyday I enjoy your teachings. Thank you for your time.

    God Bless You !

    Diane 🙂

  37. Happy 76th birthday Mr Mainse and may our Lord give you a most blessed day and year ahead. Your dear son Ronald let us know that today was your birthday so that we could all have the pleasure of sharing in it with you! I am so blessed by your 100 Words and I have passed it on to my niece who tells me how much she is enjoying it also. Reynolds photographs are so beautiful and informative!
    In Christs Love

  38. Happy Birthday Mr.Mainse ! I pray you enjoy this day and many more Birthdays filled with God’s heavenly blessings… for you have been a blessing to so many.

  39. Happy Birthday David…….wishing you every happiness and blessing in the year ahead and thankyou so much for all you have done to make this world a better place!

  40. Happy Birthday DAVID
    You must have prayed to share the perfect peace you have found with the LORD for it was a most peaceful sunday in the Slave Lakes and districts in Alberta this Aug. 12th after several days of thunder storms, and broken trees, many families were able to re-unite after last years fires. In 1978 I saw the turin schroud for the first time and a picture of a family of 4 fleeing thru a raging forest fire and now you are showing that schroud again and I have seen a great survival of many families that have just gone thru the real thing. BIRTHDAYS are truly a wonderfull thing. xoxox brotherly Don

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAVID MAINSE!!!! The Lord has blessed you and kept and as He continues to do so, be encouraged that your obedience to God’s plans for your life is an encouragement to me to continue to diligently seek the Lord with all my might even in my “senior years”. May you enjoy many more years to come!!!!

  42. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST HUMBLE SERVANT OF GOD I’VE EVER KNOW!!!!!! thank you for sharing your blessings to us. We really appreciate you dedication serving God. I am praying for you to get better completely. I love you Mr. David Mainse.


  43. Happy birthday David, God bless you with many years in good healt.
    your blog is so special to me. I look forward to reading it every day.Its been
    a real blessing.Enjoy your birthday with the fam. Henny S.

  44. Happy Birthday David!
    Thank you for all you have done for Jesus and this Canada! We would not be the same without you!
    So many of us have been blessed, and continue to be blessed and taught, by your ministry.
    May God Be With You and your family abundantly, today and every future day you have here on Earth!
    ps: By His stripes, we are healed.

  45. Happy Birthday David on your 76th! May God give you health and strength as you continue to serve Him Your blogs are always inspiring and Reyold’s pictures are great. I also appreciate watching the programs with Ron and Ann and staff = God has blessed you and Norma with a lovely family. This day is special to me too – it would have been my husband”s 86th birthday today but He took him home six years ago in October. My first grandson was also born on this day.. I’m so thankful to God for His grace and love and the hope He gives, that we’ll see our loved ones again. You are an inspiration to me. Marianne

  46. I wish you a very happy birthday! Thank you for posting the daily blog.
    God bless you today and in the coming year!


  47. Happiest of Birthdays to you, David! I hope you have had a most wonderful day! Thank you so much for all you have done to glorify God throughout your life time and for leading so many of us to him. God’s continued blessings to you!!!

  48. Hope you have had a very memorable, delightful 76th birthday, David. You have been such a blessing to my family down through the years and we pray that God will give you the strength to continue to be a blessing to others as you have been in the past.

  49. May God bless you today on your Birthday, and every day this next year with health and strength. May He continue to reveal to you the steps He has set before you. Thank you for your willingness to be used to minister. Your programs have been a blessing to our family.

  50. Happy Belated Birthday…sorry to miss wishing you yesterday. Hope you had a great day. You do look great at 86…actually you do look like 65 years old…May God bless you real richly….thanks so much for this 100 Words blog…do enjoy these. Ruth

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