Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Suggested Reading: Genesis 27

A man stepping out from his home in Nazareth Village, located in modern-day Nazareth, where life in the first century A.D. is re-enacted.

Key Verse: Genesis 27:19

Jacob said to his father, “I am Esau your firstborn; I have done just as you told me; please arise, sit and eat of my game, that your soul may bless me.”

This painful, destructive experience with husband, wife, and twin sons could’ve been avoided if Isaac and Rebekah had been communicating. Look at the mistakes. Rebekah listens in on a private conversation. She then plots dishonestly; she encourages Jacob to deceive and tell an outright lie. As a result, Esau is filled with hatred and contemplates murder. Jacob is forced to run away from home and his character is twisted and bent so badly that he spends years in deception and deceit. The lesson here must be this… Mom, Dad, Husband, Wife, communicate in Christian love and understanding. Are you working together with God to make your family truly blessed?


Dear God, please use this daily blog to teach me to listen to You as I read Your Word and then talk to You about what I’ve read. Good communication with You will make all the difference in my ability to communicate with my loved ones. Therefore, I throw myself on Your love and grace. Through the Name of the greatest Communicator, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!


It was at the Church of England in London where the “Alpha” course originated, Holy Trinity, Brompton, that I experienced most deeply the answer to the prayer I’ve just typed. While at the altar the Lord showed me clearly that I had hurt Norma-Jean deeply. Until that moment I was blissfully unaware of what I now realized was a truly stupid, uncaring action. It had happened shortly after our wedding and, without going into detail, I knew that immediately after my return to Canada I must humbly and honestly ask Norma-Jean’s forgiveness. I also repented before God and, until today, I pray fervently that I may communicate well and wisely with my beloved wife. The Apostle Peter, a married man whose wife accompanied him, according to Paul, wrote very wise words as found in 1st Peter, chapter 3. Please take time to read verses 1-7. In particular verse seven has been a word from God to me. My prayers were being hindered by my insensitivity to my wife. That must never happen again.

Your continually repentant servant,


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9 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 10, 2012

  1. Bless you David…my heart was touched by today’s 100 words….Ken & I had a wonderful marriage just not long enough…and now i encourage just what you have shared, to those who have their loving other half still with them..and to those young people starting out in life…and another thing that is important..Children need to see how much their Dad Loves their Mom…That is the best gift of all…and i remember Well growing up…my Dad Showing my Mom so much Love…something children never forget…..( Respect ) have a great day….we are a Blessed People..Thank you Jesus..we give you the Glory…

  2. Our witness to our own family speaks volumes. Little eyes are often watching. I pray Lord that even though we are sinful beings, we stop and think before we act or say something disagreeable with your holy way. Help us to say the ‘right’ thing in any given situation with our loved ones. Through your example of a holy and sacrificial love given to us through your son Jesus, help us to be an example of that kind of love and Godly living for our family. Amen.

  3. In 1984, after almost 12 years of mostly verbal abuse and general mistreatment from me, my wife left me. In 2012, at age 62, I realize how much I truly lost! I am estranged from my 2 children. I wish I wouldn’t have allowed the evil one to control my life back then. That’s what happens without the full armor of God! Please pray for me, David and 100 words readers, In Jesus name, Amen.

  4. David:
    Loving your blog. I don’t see a Facebook link to post on my wall. Usually there is just a link that you can click on to put it in my wall. Did I miss it?

    • Thank you for your comment. We don’t have a quick Facebook link, but you can cut and paste the web address into your Facebook wall posting.
      God bless!

  5. Thanks David your encouraging words about communication hit home with me today. My wife and I are having a very severe problem in our marriage. I have asked for prayer for myself to be a good communicator with my wife from our step group and would also ask for prayer here. The prayer in todays 100 words has spoke to me strongly and I have been praying that it will change me to be a better husband. God Bless!

  6. Hi David, It is so important that our prayers are not hindered. l love that our precious Lord wants us to develop a gentle and quiet spirit, if we do that then everything else should fall into place. Help!!!! It’s not easy is it!

  7. The family dynamics in Genesis 27:19 speak of deception and manipulation resulting in a total breakdown in communication. I’m sure theologians have given many takes on why the blessing was reversed. It is sad when secrets are kept and everyone in the family tip toes around each other. There remains an absence of trust. Moreover, an even greater difficulty as time progresses to open up lines of communication and a sense of well-being.

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