Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Suggested Reading: Matthew 27-28

The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem.

Key Verse: Matthew 28:6

“He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

The resurrection of Jesus is the most thoroughly reported fact of ancient history. The tough battle-hardened Roman guards “shook for fear.” According to Roman military manuals, a “guard” consisted of 8 soldiers, and if one fell asleep on duty, the others must kill him on the spot. Those who deny the facts of the resurrection must answer some questions: Where’s the body? What would turn a man like Peter, who could not stand up to a waitress, into a bold, fearless man? What about the over 500 people who claimed to have seen the resurrected Jesus after His resurrection? Many of these were still alive when the Gospels were written. What about the over 5,000 who became believers (including many of the priests) after Peter preached in the Temple? No official source has ever answered these questions or denied the amazing growth of the Church of Jerusalem.


Lord God, You raised Your Son and our Saviour from the dead. He’s ALIVE! I worship Him! Amen and Amen!


Norma-Jean and I worked at establishing a congregation in Deep River, Ontario, the residential community for Atomic Energy of Canada at Chalk River. I found that the senior nuclear physicists were humble believers in Jesus. One told me that a change in the molecular structure of Christ’s body could enable Him to appear and do all that He did in His post resurrection appearances. One Easter Sunday morning, the parents of Tim Laronde presented him before the Lord at our church. Tim was born with a club foot. I was filled with God’s Spirit and said, “When Tim is old enough to walk, He will walk normally.” The next morning, Tim’s mother Marilyn burst into our home carrying Tim and showed us both feet completely normal. During my recent “Thank you, Canada” tour, I met Marilyn in Pembroke, Ontario, and we confirmed the fact that Jesus is alive and still proving it by miraculous signs and wonders.

Serving a risen Saviour,


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12 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 26, 2012

  1. Whenever two Christians would meet, the standard early church greeting would be “He is Risen”, and the other would offer up a reply, “He is Risen Indeed”. Today we give thanks to you Jesus for coming to your people for the sole purpose of saving us. Through your sacrificial, substitutionary and atoning death, you have taken on the past, present and future sins of the world and have become the sin-bearer for all of us. The only access we have to God and to heaven is through you, Jesus. We don’t deserve to be with you, we have mocked, hurt and scorned your name … and yet you forever continue to welcome us to come unto you. I am mere human, I don’t understand how these things work, yet the Bible tells me that I only need to have faith … faith in Jesus alone as He fulfills God’s plan for each of us. Believe in Jesus, that He died for you and that He arose on the third day …. Believe that God wants His best for you …. Believe and become a Christian today!

  2. He is Risen Indeed… I feel so Blessed ..Today is a new day…Miracles are all around us .. happening moment by moment…we just need to Believe and soak with Him … and we will be glad and rejoice in this new day to start again .. Yesterday is Gone, and Tomorrow is not here yet, BUT…aww Today..So * Live today the Gift it is * in the Blood of the Risen Lord..He is coming soon..People be Ready…
    Bless you David…..

  3. Thank you David for your daily blog. I love starting my day by reading it. It gives me inspiration for each day.
    You are a faithful warrior for our Lord. Bless you.

  4. David, thank you for your commitment to this daily writing & inspiration. May the Lord continue to bless you & yours in His service.

  5. Amen He lives how awesome that we have such a wonderful loving Savior that never leaves us or forsakes us. I am so blessed to be His. Thanks again David.

  6. Praise God for loving me so much that He died for all my sins and I know that He always live in my heart forever.

  7. Thank you God for the miracle you did for Tim and continue to do today and for the freedom you gave us.
    Jesus is Alive !! Never give praying for your love ones to come to Christ.
    Lianne Hogg

  8. I finally am caught up again with your blogs, after being away for a few days. Jesus, the Christ is alive and doing His Father’s work on this dear earth. I am so Grateful for His Presence in my life. We have already reached the end of Matthew!

  9. YES!! That is our loving Father, He cares about a little one’s feet, and holds universes in His hand. It’s a message demonstrated in power! Way to tell the world, David!

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