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Suggested Reading: Matthew 11


A view of the Jordan River south of the Galilee


Key Verse: Matthew 11:28

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest

The next two verses show how that rest is experienced. No doubt Jesus had fashioned perfectly fitting wooden yokes for oxen in order for them to fulfill their purpose in life. The hands of the Carpenter are still busy carefully fitting you for service. Jesus invites you now to “Learn from me.” And the result is …” You will find rest for your souls.” The book of Isaiah is filled with personal pronouns which could only be replaced with the Name of Jesus. If you find time, read Isaiah 55. Meditate on the invitation to “Come” and on the results of coming to the Lord.


Dear Father in Heaven, your Son and my Saviour says “Come to me.” Here I am. I’m Yours now and forever. Amen!


As a teenager I walked down the aisle at a “Youth for Christ” rally to give my life to Jesus. An older man stood beside me, asked me my name and said, “David, have you come to Jesus tonight?” I answered, “Yes.” Then he opened his Bible and asked me to read John 6:37. I read out loud the words of Jesus, “The one who comes to Me, I will by no means cast out.” Then the man said, “Now David, what does Jesus do?” I answered, “He receives me.” The next day I said that promise over and over. It’s a fact, I have come to Him. I am His!

One with Christ and with all who have come to Him,


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15 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 12, 2012

  1. There have been many twists and turns alomg my life’s journey but the one unshakeable reality is Jesus as the anchor of my soul. The moment I became His child through faith, he cleansed me, forgave me and made me a new creation. So now, although I still falter because I’m still human, Jesus is there before me as a compass showing me the way of righteousness and guiding me to a better way. As the scriptures say … Now we only can know in part but one day we will know fully, evem as Jesus knows us fully. So please rest in the security of his love and peace, you ate a child of God’s if you have received him imto your life as Savior

  2. Good Morning David,
    As I opened your email this morning my first thought was how diligent and faithful you are to our Lord each morning. I admire that and thank you for this blog.
    It’s astounding how already in this short time, the verses and your comments have fit my daily life. It is such a comfort. Thank you for your ministry.

  3. It is incredible how John lands in prison and sends his disciples to confirm the Lordship of Christ in a land so shaken by miracles of faith. Then, after much admonishment, the end of chapter 11 has the promise and call we shall never be forsaken! Though our yoke may be custom made and easy with a light burden, I dare to imagine life how hard life would be without it. It helps to have guidance!

  4. I am so enjoying your daily blog but especially appreciate
    the pictures that go along with it which bring back avid
    reminders of previous trips to Israel and a greater awareness
    of the Lord’s time there during his life time there.
    Thank you so much for doing this
    Greatly appreciated
    One question…Are we allowed to copy and post this on our web site?

    • Hi Charlotte, we’re so encouraged to hear you are enjoying the daily posts. Please link to this blog (www.100words.ca) instead of copying and pasting on your website… the photos are copyrighted and by linking back to this blog, others may benefit from all the blog has to offer.

      100words.ca Admin

  5. Reynold … your pics are amazing and add a wonderful element to David’s Blog! Sly, in that your pics tell a “thousand words!

    • Thanks for your kind words. I took the month of March in Israel to photograph the land of scripture. It was refreshing and inspiring to be there. It is my prayer that the images over the next two years in my dad’s blog will help establish God’s word in peoples hearts.

  6. ioo words is a blessing ,It is a wonderful way to start my day..The pictures are amazing .Thankyou to both .God bless

  7. Hi Grandpa,
    I have been so encouraged by your blog every morning, and was blessed by your post this morning. I was so encouraged by Isa. 55, as I prepared for our first morning here in San Antonio at Cornerstone church. Being reminded that we need to tell people about Jesus so they can

  8. In the early days of Crossroads when David started out on television, I watched a show where a book called”Vanya” was given away. I requested the book, received it, read it and there begin my salvation journey. All of this just to say to David Mainse thank you for obeying the Lord’s call on your life–so that many would be brought into the kingdom. The Lord bless you and continue to use you in the work He has called you too. THANK YOU David! I am being blessed daily by the”100 Words”!

  9. I logged on for the first time, June 9, but in the middle of posting a reply lost internet service. So I am trying again, even though this does not belong to the right date.
    The scripture – Matt 8:15 was the same story of Jesus healing Simon Peter’s mother-in-law that I had just read in Luke a couple of days previously. So reading your blog was like an extra hug from God and a reminder of his ultimate power to heal. I am currently dealing with a brain stem stroke which has left me with some loss of function and independence. How I long to be restored so that I can return to serving as before. In addition I want to share with you the promise God gave me while in hospital. I am claiming this promise for you as I pray for you, David.
    Psalm 118:17 “I will not die, but instead I will live to tell about the glory of the Lord.” Thank you for being a faithful servant for Jesus.

  10. What a beautiful, peaceful picture Reynold. Just like the above scripture for today, come unto me all yea who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you peace, for my burden is light, and my yoke is easy. GOD IS GOOD, thank God for your daily blogs, David Mainse

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